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A Review of The Hidden Truth by Kathryn Jenkins

This was written by Kathryn Jenkins and originally posted on her blog, Reader’s Corner.

Review of Shadow Stalker: The Hidden Truth (Episode 1)

Shadow Stalker: The Hidden Truth, written by Renee Scattergood is by far a compelling read. This is the first time I sat down to read a serialized novel, and I had know idea what to expect.

The tail of a young girl finally graduating and becoming an adult in front of the community. The only problem Auren seems to have is trying to get her step father, Kado on the same page.

Auren plays the typical rebellious teenager bulking out to have her freedom. This leads her and her friends, Jade and Deakan into a situation that is going to change everything forever. She finds herself a witness to an event that leads Kado to the rescue. With her friends and herself on the brink of discovery Kado will reveal a part of Auren’s past that she never knew about.

The young woman just stepping into the role of an adult will come to realize, that everything she knew is wrong. That something far more dreadful is coming and her world is now upside down.

The first episode is the bread and butter to this serialized novel. I am hooked and will be following Shadow Stalker, to the bitter end. I won’t give away the ending but Scattergood’s characters have me hungry for more.

The details she puts into her novel is by far extraordinary. I am dying for the count down to begin for episode two. I am looking forward to reading more and getting to the characters in each and every episode.

Scattergood, has shown her hand with this piece of work. The shamanic background brings a new life to this book, that many wouldn’t anticipate. I usually get angry with cliff hangers at the end. But, then I remember one key thing about her novel. That it is a serialized work and instead of waiting two years for the next episode I only have to wait till next month.

Get your fingers typing Mrs. Scattergood, we are dying to see what happens next.

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