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An Excerpt from Episode 6 of Shadow Stalker

SSE6 Cover JPGI don’t usually do this during my tours, but I wanted to be able to share something with everyone too, so here is an excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Destiny Reconciled Part 2 (Episode 6):

We traveled for several days before reaching the Black Lake. Kado didn’t speak much throughout the trip. He had me practice the shape shifting a few more times, but he made sure I learned to locate animals nearby. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, and if I had spent more time on it the first time, I would have figured it out.

Kado stopped walking suddenly, and as lost in thought as I was, I nearly bumped into him. This place seemed familiar. We were near the Black Lake, which meant Adaliasa, my foster father’s village, wasn’t too far. After a good look around, I spotted the grotto where my mother had died.

“We’ll stop here.” Kado headed over to the grotto and crawled through the narrow opening. “I’m going to wait until dark before going into the village. You’re going to stay here.”

Although I knew he wouldn’t be allowing me to go into the village, the thought of him leaving without me filled me with a sense of dread. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to separate.”

“You’ll be fine.” Kado gave my hand a squeeze.

I wasn’t worried about myself, but I nodded. If he was captured, I’d be on my own, and I wasn’t ready for that.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Kado,” I said, gripping his arm.

“I’m just going to change, Auren. I’ll be back.”

“Okay.” I needed to get a grip and stop overreacting.

He returned several minutes later wearing his all black battle gear. If he was returning to the village prepared for a fight, then things were a lot worse than I imagined. Maybe I wasn’t overreacting after all.

“I spied on the council after changing. It’s definitely a trap. They have been trying to find an excuse to arrest either Cathnor or Cali to get me to return with you. Apparently, they weren’t supposed to let us leave in the first place. Someone other than the council seems to be in charge, but I’m not sure who that is, yet. I’m going to find out tonight. My plan is to locate Cali and bring her here, then if possible I will free Cathnor as well.”

“What if you’re captured?” Auren asked.

“That is a possibility, Auren. If I do not return by tomorrow night, you will need to leave the Dark Isle.”

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