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An Interview with Auren and Makari from Shadow Stalker

I actually did this interview at the start of Part 2 of the serial for another blog, but I wanted to repost it here. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget, Shadow Stalker Part 2 (Episodes 7 – 12) is now available!

I’m here today with Auren and Makari from the Shadow Stalker Serial written by Renee Scattergood. Thank you both for joining us.

Makari: Thank you.

Auren: We’re really happy to be here.

You two have quite an interesting romance going on, and you’ve come together in very unusual circumstances. Why don’t you tell us about that?

Makari: I was actually raised and trained to hunt the delohi-saqu so I could be him, as it was believed to be a male at the time, to my father for execution. Of course, it was later learned that Auren was actually the one my father believed to be the delohi-saqu. When she was captured on Appolia, no one knew she was a shadow stalker, much less the person I had been searching for. Had she not started sneaking around the reconciliation center, I might have never known she was there. I recognized her as soon as I saw her, and I knew deep down I loved her from the start, but I wouldn’t admit it to myself. I had to prove she wasn’t the delohi-saqu before I’d acknowledge those feelings. That didn’t go so well. Gazes at Auren

Auren: snorts That’s an understatement.

Do you have anything to add Auren?

Auren: I believe it’s possible I was meant to run into Makari when I did. Despite the fact that he tortured me for months and finally broke me by forcing me to give him information that could harm people I care about, I don’t think he would have ever realized the truth about his father had we not gone through all that together. I suppose, in a way, my suffering saved him.

Makari reaches over and gives Auren’s hand a squeeze. 

Now that you have realized the truth, what do you plan to do about it, Makari?

Makari: I’m not sure what I can do at this point. Auren is the one who is meant to stop my father and save the people of the Serpent Isles.

Auren rolls her eyes.

Can you tell us more about that Auren? You don’t seem convinced of Makari’s assessment.

Auren: I just know what I’ve been told by my father. He believes the shadow people meant for me to stop Drevin, but killing him isn’t enough. They have given me all the abilities I need to accomplish this, though I don’t know what they are, yet. Apparently, I need to discover my purpose for myself.

And what’s your role in all this, Makari?

Makari: glances at Auren I will protect her with my life and help her in her mission wherever she needs it.

She is lucky to have you at her back.

Makari: Thank you.

Auren: I certainly am.

Makari winks at Auren.

Thank you both for your time. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

Auren: Thank you. It’s been great.

Makari nods.

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