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Author Spotlight: Golden Dawn by Aldrea Alien

Welcome to this week’s Friday Author Spotlight! Today I have Aldrea Alien with her book, Golden Dawn.

AldreaAlienAldrea Alien grew up on a small farm out the back blocks of New Zealand in a little place known as Wainuiomata alongside a menagerie of animals, who are all convinced they’re just as human as the next person (especially the cats). She spent a great deal of her childhood riding horses, whilst the rest of her time was consumed with reading every fantasy book she could get her hands on and, come her twelfth year, she discovered there was a book inside her.

Aldrea now lives in Upper Hutt, on yet another small farm with a less hectic, but still egotistical, group of animals (cats will be cats). She became a self-published author in 2014 with the first book in The Rogue King Saga. One thing she hasn’t yet found is an off switch to give her an ounce of peace from the characters plaguing her mind, a list that grows bigger every year with all of them clamouring for her to tell their story first.

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golden dawn smallFamily and blood.

After 1100 years, these simple words mean everything to Herald. His life has been ruled by keeping his siblings safe, keeping them from becoming prey whilst feeding on the weaker. His failures have been many and measured by those he has lost. People like his twin brother.

There has always been another enemy.

Just who the enemy is comes into question when Herald meets the dangerous, angelic creature he is to guard. Wondering where his true loyalties lie is a dangerous thought. No matter whether he chooses family over the heart, it will mean death.

Only the right choice will ensure the life taken is not his.

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Keep reading for an author interview:

What genres do you write?

A number of them. Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gothic, Science Fantasy… all with Romance, some bordering on erotica.

What authors/books have most influenced you?

Andre Norton, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey… Their books were the ones I grew up reading.

If you could choose an author to be your mentor, who would it be?

If dead people are allowed, Andre Norton.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received as an author?

Being compared to Edgar Rice Burroughs. Can’t be mad about that.

What is the worst writing advice you’ve ever received?

Removing all the contractions from my narration and only/always using them in dialogue. I’m still not sure what their goal was there. That sort of usage really depends on the sentence, the voice, what flows naturally and, in the case of a character, how they speak.

What do you enjoy doing aside from writing?

Apart from reading? Gaming! Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed and Rachet and Clank are my preferred poisons. I’m such a geek. 🙂

What book or series do you enjoy reading over and over again?

Hmm, I’d say it’s a three-way tie: Belgariad, Dragonriders of Pern, and Witchword. My comfort trio. My copy of Dragonflight naturally open in three places.

How many books do you have on your “to read” list? What are some of them?

About 500 or so. More than what Goodreads tells me if I factor in the ebooks I haven’t listed. There’s quite the variety, from the last few Pratchetts I’ve got left to read, to the entire Shannara Chronicles, a few classics and some contemporary erotica.

Are you a pantser or outliner?

A bit of both, really. I’ll roughly outline a story and try to pin down certain chapters, but after that, my characters like to take the reins and go.

How long does it take you to write a book?

About two years. Roughly. Maybe more.

How do you come up with the titles for your books? Do you find it difficult?

Most of them are just alternate titles for the MC or the pivotal point, like how “Golden Dawn” is in reference to the angel Herald meets.

Have you ever gotten an idea for a story from something really bizarre? Tell us about it.

Dark One’s Mistress came to be whilst I was playing a particularly silly game called Overlord 2 where you play the bad guy and take people’s souls. I remember wondering “what if the bad guy wasn’t a bad guy to his people?” and the rest just keep nagging me until I wrote it.

What are you working on now?

Well, apart from the three sequels I’m juggling right now… There’s a little romance fantasy series of fives novels that are loosely connected via the land. Some of it will be in the lgbt+ spectrum, some of it won’t.

Currently, most of my focus is going towards In Pain and Blood, which is all about Dylan, a bisexual magic-wielding man who, after a routine inspection goes awry, winds up free and trying to make it back home before the King’s Hounds find out he’s unleashed. I reach 100k mid-April and it just won’t stop.


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  1. Loni Townsend Loni Townsend
    11 August, 2016    

    <3 Great interview you two! And the contraction thing boggles me. I figure if you're going to use them in dialogue, you may as well be consistent in narration too.

    • 14 August, 2016    

      Thanks! They were some great questions. I had loads of fun answering them.

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