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Author Spotlight: Monochrome by H.M. Jones

Welcome to this weeks Friday Author Spotlight! Today I have H.M. Jones with her novel, Monochrome.

12191366_10101501668745850_6583852724974367881_o (1)H.M. Jones is a B.R.A.G medallion honoree for her debut dark fantasy, Monochrome, published by the Gravity Imprint of Booktrope. She also contributed a sci-fi short story, “The Light Storm of 2015,” to Masters of Time, published by Creative Alchemy.

Always a giving soul, her site features a freebie read called “Poison & Fire,” an Adela Darken short. She writes poetry, new adult, young adult, fantasy, sci-fi and speculative fiction. She likes to bookstore hop, weave, teach college English and spend time with her kids and husband.

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newcoverWhat would you do to save your most precious memories?

That’s the question that Abigail Bennet, a new mother, must answer in this dark fantasy.

The cries of her new baby throw Abigail into rage and desperation. Frightened by foreign anger and overwhelming depression, the first-time mother decides to end her life to spare the life of her only child. But before she acts on her dark intuition, she is overcome by a panic attack and blacks out.

When she awakes, everything is blue: the trees, the grass, the rocks and still, scentless sky above her. Everything except the face of the man who stands over her. He is Ishmael Dubois and claims to be her Guide through the dangerous world of Monochrome, a physical manifestation of the depressed mind. But in a place where good memories are currency, nightmares walk, and hopeless people are hired to bring down those who still have the will to live, Abigail starts to wonder if she’ll ever make it back to her family. Despite her growing feelings for her handsome, mysterious Guide, Abigail must fight for the life she once wished to take or fade into the blue.

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“Another young one.” A careful tenor voice murmured above her head. Abigail forced her eyes open, but her vision was still fuzzy.

“Waking up, are you?” The voice belonged to a dark blur hovering over her body. “It’s fine. The trip here does this to everyone. Take your time.”

She was able to rub her eyes with heavy, still tingling hands. She blinked leaden lids and her eyes gradually focused. The dark blur became a man wearing a black wool hat and a charcoal pea-coat with a large, impressive collar.

Panic bubbled like acid in her stomach. How did this man get into my house? Is my baby okay? Why can’t I hear her? With a start, Abigail tried to shoot up from the ground, only to bang her head against a hard, jagged object behind her.

“Ow! What the…,” she started.

“Slow down. It’s a rough trip, lady.”

Abigail grasped around for something to defend herself with. Her fingernails scrapped across what felt like Easter basket grass made of aluminum foil. Confusion overcame her fear. She held her hands up. They were covered in a shimmering, powdery dust. She was not in her room, not at home, not in the city, in fact. All around her were tall, navy colored trees, and steel blue grass. Somewhere in the distance she heard the flow of a body of water.

The nature around her was covered in a blue-tinted twilight. He must have taken me to the woods. But where? I didn’t think there were woods anywhere near where we lived. Everything could not be blue. It was the mixture of her blurred vision and shock of waking to nature at night. It must be. She searched for the glowing moon in the sullen cerulean sky, but was unable to spot it. A mysterious silver light settled on the midnight scene, coming from nowhere and everywhere.

“Where am I? Why have you taken me here? Where’s my baby?!” Abigail shot questions at the dark stranger, who calmly took a seat on the trunk of a tall, thin, fallen tree.


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