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Author Spotlight: Of Beasts and Men by Anike Kirsten

Welcome to another Friday Author Spotlight! This week I have the science fiction author, Anike Kirsten, here with her book, Of Beasts and Men. She’ll be sharing an excerpt with the book, but first more about her.

Anike Kirsten is a South African social science-fiction author, who writes to highlight social issues that plague the world. Growing up in South Africa and experiencing these issues, she works to provide mediums through which readers can relate and find courage in.

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About the Book

Of Beasts and Men is a dystopian hard science fiction pocket-novel that deals with social injustices, the consequence of reckless genetic engineering, and clandestine politics; through the perspective of a privileged person. A novel that blends together the ideas of Diaspora by Greg Egan and that of Conditioned Response by Majorie F. Baldwin.

“On a distant planet – where literature rules the economy, cybernetic technology flourishes, and one race oppresses the other – Gliese Libra, a Librarian of considerable influence, must find understanding and equilibrium, through conflicts of identity, interest, and existence, to save humanity from annihilation. Gliese is pulled into a war fought in the shadows, between humanity and its oppressors. Along with Albert Hollows, a human and forerunner for the Insurgency, Gliese uncovers truths of her race; truths of their planet and their biology.

But nothing is ever as it seems.”

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Anger seethed through her cleft in huffs of hot breath. She had to purge the world of the filth of beasts. She pulled the tubes out from her veins and ripped the four patches off her chest. Several hairs followed them to the floor. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and slid off. A sharp prick at the back of her neck stopped her from walking out the door. She looked back over her shoulder; a tube was still attached. She reached behind her and guided her fingers along the soft plastic until she felt the cold of metal.

“And where do you think you’re going, love?” Albert stood in the doorway and leaned against the frame with his arms crossed over his chest. She flicked her hand away from her neck in pretense of a yawn. She felt a pop in the back of her neck and heard the tube hit against the bed’s railing. There had to be a reason for it.

“Stretching my legs, human,” she snapped. He embodied everything she hated about the beasts, and deserved no respect from her. He raised his brow. “Don’t care if you don’t believe me. I don’t owe you any explaining!”

“Right. So you’re still pissed at me? That’s fine, love. Take your time, I won’t push you. The prophecy will still come true,” he said as he unfolded his arms.

“What prophecy?”

“The pale girl of drymis will pave the way to a sleep and wake us in an old new world, or somethin’ like that.” He shrugged and stepped into the room.

“Wha’?” She felt her face distort.

“Never mind,” he sighed.

“How in Holl d’you keep getting out?!”

“I have a guardian, love.” He smiled.

“Arg, must you always be so vague?”

“No, but it’s fun seeing you freak out about silly things,” he said as he laughed. Fire burned under her cheeks and through to her ears. It scorched at her neck.

“I’ll meet you at the Library when you get out, love. Give you some time too cool off.” He turned out the room. She took a deep breath in while her jaw clenched, then let out some of the rage. She looked back to the bed at the tube hung over its rail.

A silver liquid ran down to the tiled floor. She lifted her hand and rubbed the back of her neck; it was smooth, and wet. She brought her hand forward and sniffed at the silver fluid on her finger tips. Mother? She turned her head to the left and let it lean on her raised shoulder. Was it some new medicine for bone marrow transplant? She rubbed at her sore hip. The last one she had was before she left for Learning. She had to thank her, but not yet. She was too raw.

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