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Author Spotlight: Tesla’s Frequency by L. Woodswalker


Welcome to this week’s Friday Author Spotlight! Today I have L. Woodswalker returning with her science fiction novel, Tesla’s Frequency. If you missed her spotlight on Tesla’s Signal, you can read it here. She’ll be sharing an excerpt later, but first let’s get reacquainted.

L. Woodswalker is an electronic musician, graphic and visual artist, and DIY crafter. She has read and written science fiction for several decades. She is fascinated by the wonders of science, nature and the cosmos. If she is not creating something, she is usually outside hiking, listening to trees or watching thunderstorms.


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About the Book

A new historical sci-fi epic by the author of ‘Tesla’s Signal’.

Electric Wizard Nikola Tesla gave power to the world. Now retired, he dreams of harnessing the energy of the Cosmos and ensuring world peace.

Yet ambitious men scheme to use his genius for their own ends.

A cult arises in a remote mountain town, heralding the arrival of the Space Queen. A mystical artifact emits a hypnotic frequency. The sinister Eagle Talon Brotherhood seeks to compel Nikola to build his Death Ray for them. Their aim: to join forces with Adolf Hitler and enslave the human race!

Who can stop them…except elderly Nikola, a mysterious orphan…and a white pigeon?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

The Wizard stood up. “Stand back,” he commanded. His two friends did not need that warning. They fell back in awe and terror at his sudden fiery expression.

And then Niko stepped between the two oscillator columns of the Hurricane Machine and grabbed a terminal in each hand. And he forced out every bit of current he had in him. All of the life-energy he had acquired from the vast Energy Cascade in the 4th-d…he channeled it through his hands into the weather machine.

Lightning bolts flashed up and down his arms. Ike and Ophelia put their hands over their ears and cringed from the deafening thunder. His teeth clenched; his eyes bulged; his silver hair stood on end. The blanket around his shoulders rippled like a mythic aura as Niko became his own storm.


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