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Author Spotlight: Tesla’s Signal by L. Woodswalker


Welcome to another Friday Author Spotlight! This week I have L. Woodswalker visiting with her science fiction book, Tesla’s Signal. She is sharing an excerpt from the book, but first, let’s learn more about her.

L. Woodswalker is an electronic musician, graphic and visual artist, and DIY crafter. She has read and written science fiction for several decades. She is fascinated by the wonders of science, nature and the cosmos. If she is not creating something, she is usually outside hiking, listening to trees or watching thunderstorms.


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About the Book

Nikola Tesla has a unique affinity for electric current…he can visualize the unseen…he speaks with beings of light. In 1899, he receives a signal from space. When he meets the alien visitors, he finds their agenda not what he had expected. And they require his scientific expertise to further their aims.

Then things start to go wrong–and “mad scientist” Nikola and his brilliant colleague Clara must go on the run from alien captors and human authorities alike. They seek a refuge where they can develop their futuristic defenses against the “Martians”. Nikola must learn to tap into his cosmic abilities and face his own demons: his phobia of germs, touching and love. Eventually they must return to a devastated New York City, where they will face the alien invaders in the final battle for the fate of humanity.


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Keep reading for an excerpt:

The townsfolk debated what to do with the notorious criminal Nikola Tesla. “He’s wanted dead or alive. Which shall it be?”

“They oughta put you down like a mad dog, buddy!” The Mayor shook a finger in his face. “Hope they fry you on your own electric chair!”

“You’ve got me wrong, folks,” Niko protested. “I didn’t invent the electric chair. That was Thomas Edison’s doing!”

That only seemed to make them madder. “Listen here, Mister! Nobody bad-mouths the great Thomas Edison. Why, he electrified this town,” said a white-bearded gent. “Installed us a gen’rator right on that there dam.”

“I highly doubt that,” said Niko. “But if you folks care about that generator, and this fine town, you’d better not lay a hand on me.”

“Really? And why is that, pray tell?” the Mayor asked.

“See that little gizmo your officer just took out of my pocket? It’s an oscillator. Just like the one I used to cause an earthquake in New York City.” Niko regretted having to make himself sound even more evil, but what else could he do? “I almost brought down every building on Houston Street.”

“Good Lord.” The Mayor took a step back.

“You folks read the papers? They say I’m as brilliant as DaVinci—a hundred years ahead of my time. I’ve developed futuristic inventions you’d never believe. I invented Radio, you know. It works by invisible waves—and thoughts are invisible waves too. Did you know that I’ve perfected remote-control Mind Power?”

The people’s eyes widened. “What the devil…?”

“That oscillator is tuned to my mental frequency,” he told them. “If you folks get me upset, it might pick up my thoughts and set up resonant vibrations in that dam over there. The whole thing might crack right down the middle and wash away this entire town.

“Aw, he’s bluffing,” said the pharmacist.

“Sounds like a load of horse crap to me,” the deliveryman agreed.

The Mayor wiped his forehead. “Uh…I don’t know…”

“We’re just recovering from last year’s flood now,” a townsman reminded the Mayor. “We don’t need no more trouble.”
“Look here, mister!” The Mayor stalked up to Niko and shook a finger. “Just get the hell out of my town. And take that infernal ossa—whateveritis… with ya!”

The police let go of his arms, and the rest of the crowd melted away quicker than ice cream in July. Niko wasted no time grabbing the oscillator and dashing back to the Roadster, where Clara was parked.

“Niko?” Clara looked worried. “What’s going on? I heard some noise back there. I hope you weren’t in any trouble?”

“Me? Trouble? Oh, no. They just wanted to put me in Mr. Edison’s nice, comfortable hot-seat.”

“What?” Clara gave a low whistle. “Trouble is your middle name, sir. How’d you get away?”

Niko smiled. “I just used remote-control mind power.”


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