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Author Spotlight: The Dragon Courage series by Kandi J Wyatt

Welcome to another Friday Author Spotlight! Kandi has become a regular visitor here, and we’re always glad to have her. This week she wanted to share The Dragon Courage series in preparation for audio release of Dragon’s Future. She’ll be sharing a story she wrote to help you get to know her character’s better, but first, let me reintroduce Kandi.

Even as a young girl, Kandi J Wyatt, had a knack for words. She loved to read them, even if it was on a shampoo bottle! By high school Kandi had learned to put words together on paper to create stories for those she loved. Nowadays, she writes for her kids, whether that’s her own five or the hundreds of students she’s been lucky to teach. When Kandi’s not spinning words to create stories, she’s using them to teach students about Spanish, life, and leadership.

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In Dragon’s Future, book 1, the colony where twin dragon riders Ruskya and Duskya live is attacked by a rider seeking a mysterious plant, the twins must fight for their dragons’ future and their lives!

Dragon’s Heir takes place ten years later. When two nestlings are stolen from the hatchling cave, Braidyn’s sense of justice leads him on a quest to find the person responsible. Can Braidyn learn to temper justice with mercy?

Immediately following book two, Dragon’s Revenge, picks up the story of Kyn. New friends Kyn and Ben’hyamene discover a breed of wild dragons which have been at war with humans for four hundred years. They set forth to bring peace before more life is lost.

When Duskya’s grandchildren ask her to tell a story, they hear the tale of a rider who didn’t want to be a rider. For Serena, a teenager fleeing her abusive father, having someone control her is the worst imaginable feeling. Seeking her freedom, Serena finds herself with a dragon claiming her as her rider. As Serena runs from her dragon, she discovers there are worse things than having a dragon for a friend. Serena and her friend Carryn learn that bitterness leaves a person in bondage in Dragon’s Cure.

In a world where dragons and humans live in peace with each other, it is a privilege to be a dragon rider, but riders, like everyone else, must find their purpose. In this series, twins Ruskya and Duskya fight for their dragon’s futures and their lives! Braidyn struggles with balancing justice and mercy as he searches for a stolen nestling. Kyn and a new friend, Ben’hyamene, discover a breed of wild dragons which have been at war with humans for four hundred years, and the two learn that peace is better than revenge. Kyn helps Duskya and her daughter, Carryn, search for a young rider who stumbles upon a slave trade. Carryn learns that bitterness leaves a person in bondage as much as being a slave.

Follow along the riders’ quest in this exciting middle grade fantasy series by author Kandi J Wyatt.



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Keep reading:

Creator and Created

Wiping the sweat from my forehead and pushing my dark hair back away from my face, I glanced up at the hazy sky and glared at the setting sun which still gave off more heat than my body was accustomed to. My gaze took in the campsite complete with tent, propane stove, and ice chest. One lone suitcase remained for me to carry into the pavilion. The rest of my family had scattered like leaves in an autumn wind. The older ones had gone off to explore merchants’ row, while the younger ones were finding new friends with whom they could have mock sword fights with foam covered PVC piping, and my husband had taken the van to the far parking lot.

Picking up the suitcase with a sigh of relief, I headed into the tent to change. The summer had been hard and busy; so the whole family was looking forward to this weekend where we could sit back and help recreate the medieval ages minus the plague. I set the suitcase down and opened it. Sorting through the miscellaneous garb, I chose my Irish dress. It was cool and easy to get into. It consisted of a lightweight, white underdress and a sleeveless, green print overdress that opened in the front with a corset style lace up from the waist to the top.

After tying the lacing, I wiped my forehead again. I could hardly breathe. I needed fresh air. Fumbling for the zipper of the tent door, I took a breath or rather tried to take one. The zipper came up, but I lost my balance. The last I saw was the tent floor and the ground rising up to meet me.

A sharp sound caught my attention. I tried to move my head and groaned. It hurt. A woman with kind green eyes wiped a strand of her red hair back behind her ear, while looking down at me.

“Hush,” her kind voice instructed. “Don’t try to move yet. Sylvern found you and got her brother to bring you here. It looks like you had a fall.”

The name Sylvern and the red-headed woman pulled at my mind. I couldn’t place it, and my throbbing head didn’t help me think. The woman bent down and placed a soft wet cloth on my forehead. It smelled of lavender and seemed to help my headache. I closed my eyes again.

When I opened them again, my head didn’t throb as much. I was able to take in my surroundings. I was in a pavilion on a cot with a small table beside it. The light filtering through the canvas was pale but bright. A shiver ran through my body. I must have been out for a long time for it to have cooled off this much.

“Hi, Ma,” a male voice reached my ears, “how’s your patient?”

“She was sleeping last I looked, but I was ready to take her this tea,” the green-eyed woman replied.
“I can do that for you,” the man replied.

Soon he rounded into my field of vision. The bright sunlight made his hair even brighter blond. As he saw my eyes on him, he bent down and looked at me. My breath left me in a whoosh. There was no possible way this could be. I knew those bluish-purplish-green eyes, eyes the color of clouds after the storm. I had created them!

“It’s okay,” he comforted. “Here, do you feel capable of sitting up? Ma made you some tea.”

In a daze, I let him help me up and took the mug from his hands. There was no way that I was sitting in a pavilion with Ardyn. That meant that the green-eyed woman was Carryl, and this tea would be a mint tea blended with who knew what herbs. I inhaled slowly trying to calm my heart and grasp what had happened.

“That’s right,” Ardyn said soothingly. “You have nothing to fear here. I’m sure we can figure out what group of riders you belong to.”

I wanted to tell him that I knew where I belonged, but how did you explain that you had just somehow fallen into your own story world? There was no way that Ardyn would believe me, let alone accept the truth that I had created him. I settled by just sipping the tea.

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