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Author Spotlight: The Dream Walker (Land of Mystica Series) by Michelle Murray

Welcome to this week’s Friday Author Spotlight! Today Michelle Murray is here to share a little about herself as well as the first book in her Land of Mystica Series, The Dream Walker. She has also shared a short story based on the book, but first Michelle has this to say:

I am a working mother with a passion for writing. I have been published in anthologies and won awards for my short story and poetry. I was featured in Who’s Who Among American Poets. I enjoy reading going for walks and nature.


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Miranda is having dreams of another world. Follow Miranda as she travels through Mystica to save the white wizards from their stone prisons. Read how the wizards were trapped in stones. Go on an adventure with castles, wizards, dreams, and adventure.

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Keep reading for a short story:

The spell went through Mystica. Midnight’s carefully studied, perfectly spoken spell that was meant to turn the fellow wizards into stones. The spell was supposed to allow Midnight to take over Mystica. Only something went wrong. The magic Midnight used trapped all magic creatures, and turned all of the wizard including Midnight himself into stones. The spell went through Mystica creating earthquakes, tremors, and waves of fog and mist throughout the land.

The land shook, cracks opened up in the dry dirt, boulders and rocks tumbled down from mountains. The sky was dark with white streaks of lightning flashing. When all was still, many magical creatures and people were trapped along with the wizards. The dragons, who once had roamed freely, were now stone statues. The Ice People were also trapped.

The Ice People were small people, about two or three feet tall with pale cloud like skin, white hair like icicles and blue eyes. They were distant cousins to the Dwarves, who lived in the Dwarf Mines. Like the Dwarves, they liked to mine for jewels and stones. The stones the Ice People mined were filled with magic.

The magic of Midnight’s spell combined with the magic of the stones in the Ice Caves trapped the Ice People’s spirits. Their spirits were only allowed to be shown when there were visitors. Their once grand hall filled with a big square table and the chairs of the head of the Ice Council were now empty. The warm blue globes that lit the Ice Caves now shined on empty hallways and passageways, where once the Ice People had mined and worked. Only their voices were to be heard by the prisoners brought there by the Balingers.

The Balingers were big black birds. They were also under a spell. They would bring the Ice People prisoners to mine the Ice Caves in return for food and care of their young. When the Balingers flew, the big black wings unfurled and blocked the sun from the sky. They had sharp claws and beady black eyes. They circled, swooped, and searched the land for prisoners to bring the Ice People. The Balingers could cover great distances over the land of Mystica in little time with their great big wings.

The unlucky travelers the Balingers swooped down upon and grabbed with their big sharp claws would find themselves stranded on top of the Ice Cave Mountain with nowhere to go except inside the Ice Caves.

The Ice Caves were filled with passageways and rooms carved out of ice. Stalagmites of ice grew up from the cave floor, and stalactites hung from the ceiling. There were heaps of snow and ice along the sides where the caves were dug out. Blue globe lights were hung and lit the passageways with blue light, making the ice sparkle. Streaks of blue and white color echoed throughout the caverns. The snow made a crunching sound when walked on. The Ice People made special snow shoes for traversing the caves.

The spirits of the Ice People floated through the Ice Caves, watching the prisoners, hoping one would find the stone to release the spell that bound them. There were some spirits, especially among the Ice Council, that were strong enough to speak, threaten, and sometimes even whisper in the prisoner’s ears.

The Balingers brought all kinds of people from all over Mystica to the Ice Caves. Mostly, they were lonely travelers, bandits, or thieves. The Balingers unwittingly brought The Dream Walker, Miranda and her companion Walking Bear to the caves.

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