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Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got something special to share with you today. To celebrate the holidays and the one year anniversary of the release of Bird of Chaos, the first book in The Harpy’s Curse series, Susie Mander is giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner! Enter below before the 10th of January for your chance to win.

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“I am really excited about the opportunity to give back to readers,” Mander says. “I think this is a great prize because you can spend it on whatever you like and it comes just in time for the festive season.”

Click here to enter now, before time runs out.

headshot_for-webSusie Mander has been published in Australian Doctor, the Hills Shire Times and the District Reporter while her short stories have appeared online and in print. She was recently shortlisted for the AlburyCity Short Story Award.

Susie’s first encounter with fantasy was hunting for fairies with her grandmother in the garden when she was five. Like many fantasy enthusiasts, the first book she read was The Lord of the Rings. She went on to study fantasy at the University of Sydney as part of her Bachelor of Arts in English which she received in 2006. She also has a Bachelor of Teaching/Master of Teaching in English (2009) from the University of Sydney though due to the education system’s preoccupation with “serious” literature–i.e. realism–she has only had the opportunity to teach fantasy once.

Susie writes to explore philosophical ideas believing fantasy provides a vehicle to examine the human condition through scenarios that are often more memorable and less prescriptive than non-fiction.

She has a phobia of sharks which she has tried to overcome by learning to scuba dive. When she’s not writing she’s on an outing or doing activities like pottery and papier mache, anything to keep her sane.

Susie was born in Sydney. After a stint on a small farm, boarding school and a few attempts living overseas, she moved back to Sydney where she now lives with her husband, cat and soon to be baby.

You can sign up to Susie’s sporadic newsletter for exclusive members only material here or contact her on her website.

If you’ve enjoyed her work, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads (or ideally, both).

Connect with the Author

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About the Book

BIRD_OF_CHAOS_for-webVerne Golding III must decide whether or not to initiate a coup against her mother to unify her fractured nation and face the final Tempest.

In the beginning Verne looked up to her mother. She admired her like a god, believing her to be a beautiful and just Queen. By five she started noticing cracks in her mother’s composure. By seventeen she was ready to kill her.

Motivated by a desire to save Tibuta, Verne must overcome her mother’s cruelty and unify a nation plagued by a growing civil unrest fuelled by the increasing threat of Typhon’s final tempest, a storm that has escaped the bonds of the compass. The only problem is she doesn’t have her gift and suspects her mother is stealing it. She must decide how far she is willing to go to save the nation she loves and whether she is willing to take her friends down a path of damnation and chaos to do it.

Learn more about the series or buy the book on Amazon today!

Shadow Stalker Part 1 Bundle Tour

Paperback CoverYay! It’s finally here! Well almost. It will be here tomorrow. I’m so excited because it means that I’ve officially survived the first quarter of the Shadow Stalker series. It’s been a crazy journey so far, but I’ve been having a blast. So much has happened and I’m feeling so ready to start my first novel in the Savior of the Serpent Isle series, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I decided to release each part as a bundle because it’s a lot easier than trying to keep track of a bunch of smaller episodes, and also now it’s long enough to warrant publishing a print version. 😀

I’m also running a Giveaway! No surprise there. One lucky winner will get a free signed paperback copy of the bundle, and another will get a digitally signed version. So if you want to be one of those lucky people, enter right now… the giveaway is only open for two more days!

While the Bundle isn’t being released until tomorrow, the 3 day blitz is starting today. So if you haven’t already, head over to the Facebook Event Page and join in the fun. Aside from the reviews, guests posts and interviews, my new character, Makari, might be stopping by as well. 😀

If you can’t make it to Facebook, but don’t want to miss out, you can follow the lineup below or on my Events Page. I will be updating the links as new features are added, so check back often. Here’s the lineup:

Friday 17 April

D. B. Mauldin (Mama Bear Musings) – Review & Character Interview with Drevin
Fergus McCartan (TheQuietFantasyBookBlog) – Book Spotlight

Saturday 18 April

Louise Findlay Books – Excerpt
D. B. Mauldin (Mama Bear Musings) – Author Interview & Book Interview
Dragon Knight Chronicles – Character Guest Post: The Corruption of the Shadow Stalkers by Drevin

Sunday 19 April

Melissa Barker-Simpson (Writing Room 101) – Excerpt from Makari’s POV
Juneta Key (Writer’s Gambit) – Guest Post – Who I’d Cast if Shadow Stalker were a Movie
RJ Mirabal, Author – Review

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Shadow Stalker: Bound by Fate (Episode 7) Blitz

Here it is! The first episode in Part 2 of the Shadow Stalker series. I’m so excited! I really hope you all enjoy it (see below the multiple ways you can get a free copy of the book).

As usual to kick off the release, I’m having a one day blitz tour. I’ve got some new hosts, which is exciting. There are going to be a couple author interviews; a character interview with the new character, Makari; a couple of excerpts from the book; a character guest post by Kado on What it Means to be Foramar; a guest post written by me, Why I Enjoy Writing in First Person; and about five people will be doing reviews. So there’s going to be a lot happening in the next 24 hours, and I hope you will join us by signing up on the Facebook Events Page.

For those who don’t use Facebook, here’s the lineup below. I’ll be updating the links as things are posted, so check back often.

Blitz Lineup:

Authors and Angels ~ Author Interview
The Quiet Fantasy Book Blog ~ Book Release Announcement & Review
The Book Stalker ~ Excerpt
Writing Room 101 ~ Excerpt
Louise Findlay Books ~ Review
Mama Bear Muses ~ Review & Character Interview
Weaving Word ~ Book FeatureAuthor Interview
RJ Mirabal, Author ~ Review & Guest Post – Why I Enjoy Writing in First Person
V.M. Sang ~ Character Interview with Auren
Dragon Knight’s Book Promotions ~ Review & Character Guest Post by Kado – What it Means to be Foramar

As promised here are the two ways you can get Episode 7 free:

  1. Enter the Giveaway! I’m giving away five personalized and digitally signed copies of the book.
  2. Sign up to my newsletter – which also gets you a change to win 12 free episodes each month, among other things!

Get Shadow Stalker Part 2 Free!

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