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Author Newsletter Poll Results

Back in February, authors Joshua Robertson, Allison D. Reid and I combined our regular author newsletters into one newsletter called Weekly Fantasy Fix. We take turns each week, putting together our individual issues packed with our updates, articles, giveaways, writing tips and more. Although, so far our response has been really good and we’ve seen consistent growth, we want to make it better.

So with that in mind, last month (June 2016) I put together a little poll to see what subscribers of authors newsletters were looking for as far as content, and also what entices them to subscribe. So far we’ve had 45 people respond, but we are looking for more. Here are the results so far, but I’ll keep updating them as I get more responses.



The first question I asked is what entices the reader to subscribe to the author’s newsletter to begin with. If you can’t get people to sign up to your newsletter, then it’s all kinda pointless. (Just so you know, respondents were able to pick more than one answer.)

So far 86.7% of the people who took the poll say they are most likely to sign up if they’ve already read the author’s work. This reinforces my belief that giving away the first book in your series (or a book if you don’t have a series) is a good idea. Most people are not willing to risk their money on a new author, and you need them to sign up to your newsletter to sell more books.

55.6% have said they will sign up if the author is offering a freebie. So if you have your first book free and offer the second free to new subscribers, you’ve now increased your chances of getting a new signup (this is of course assuming they liked your first book and actually want to read the second). It’s really important to note that you shouldn’t offer a book that is already free to download. If they can already get it free, they’re not going to bother signing up for your newsletter. I’ve even known some authors to write a short story or novella that fits with their current series, but isn’t essential to the series, and make that a subscriber only deal.

Only about 28.9% of the people have said they would subscribe based on referrals from family and friends, but still… it’s always a good idea to get your readers to tell their family and friends about your work.

There were various things added to the others category:

  • Reading the author’s newsletter (1)
  • Updates on interesting blog posts (1)
  • They provide valuable content (2)
  • How to’s and tips (1)
  • Visuals and a great blurb (1)
  • Sales/Discounts (1)
  • Depends on the genre (2)
  • Free sample chapters (1)
  • General interest (1)



The next question had to do with the content. I asked what they enjoyed reading in an author’s newsletter. (Again, they were able to choose more than one answer.)

80% said they want to hear about what the author is working on right now.

66.7% want to hear personal stories about the author, and new release announcements.

56.6% want to read articles about the author’s genre.

55.6% want subscriber only discounts and giveaways.

51.1% want to see writing, editing and marketing tips for authors.

48.9% want to see spotlights on other authors in their genre.

44.4% want to have access to subscriber only short stories and flash fiction.

40% want to see genre related artwork and fan art

Only 3 people have added to the other category so far:

  • Sneaks peeks of their work.
  • Spotlights on other authors their author loves.
  • Only author related material.

I think focusing on the top three or four things would be the best idea, and then maybe casually mentioning some of the others so that everyone is happy. We cover all these areas in Weekly Fantasy Fix. It’s a newsletter written for both writers and readers (especially since most writers are readers… or at least they should be), so if you want to check it out, you can sign up at the end of this post. We also give away 3 free books to our new subscribers, so it’s definitely worth the look.

Also, we’re looking for more responses to get a better overall view of what people are looking for (and we’re hoping this information will help other authors too). If you can help spread the word and share the poll form with your family and friends who love to read, that would be great!

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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How I Use Twitter to Get More Downloads!

6359453691210392131222221661_TwitterLately I’ve been trying to figure out how to best promote myself through social media. I know it’s not the best place to “advertise”, but I also know a lot of other authors find a lot of success through that medium. The only problem is finding information about what really works is sometimes next to impossible, so I’ve mainly been experimenting.

Of course, social media should always be, first and foremost, a place to connect with others. To get to know them and allow them to get to know you both as an author and a person. I’m not a very social person, but I’m definitely a lot more social online than I am in person. And I have to say it’s a lot easier to connect with hundreds of people online more regularly than it is in person, and you get to meet people from all over the globe, which would normally be impossible without spending a lot of money on travel.

Aside from that, my main goal has been to get people downloading my free book, Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6). After reading that, if they enjoyed it, they can also get Part 2 by signing up to my newsletter, Weekly Fantasy Fix. Then I can use my newsletter to promote my other books.

Twitter has been my best resource for this method. I use StatusBrew to keep up with my activity and schedule my tweets. It allows me to set up a welcome message that goes out to all my new followers, thanking them and inviting them to download my free book. Since I started doing this, my downloads have more than tripled. It’s even resulted in a few unsolicited reviews on Amazon. So I know I’m headed in the right direction.

Have you tried something on Twitter that has been working for you? Tell me about it!

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Ringing in the New Year: Content Marketing Styles of 2016 | Anita Lovett & Associates

Catch a glimpse of what Content Marketing 2016 will hold. Is your business ready for the New Year?

December is a month filled with good cheer, overeating, excessive spending on gifts, and reflecting on the year. In the world of content marketing, taking your sweet time or prolonging a strategy is a sure way to get yourself weeded out of the consumer’s choice garden. While you are in the midst of your peppermint candy coma, your competitors are getting the upper hand in drawing in business.

The new wave of content marketing tactics this upcoming year means you have to be on your game. It’s time to stop smelling the turkey and start getting busy. So as you down the fruitcake and hot chocolate, let’s take a look at what 2016 holds for the world of content marketing.

If Content is King, Quality is Queen

The quality of content is going to be key in 2016. Keeping things fresh and funky will attract the perfect crowd to your business website. Google has taken notice of quality and is more likely to move a site with an attractive look and quality content higher in the SERPs.

Developing quality work means researching and applying new and innovative ways to attract clientele. It’s going to be more important than ever to identify what separates you from your competition and exercise it in your work.

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Read the full article: Ringing in the New Year: Content Marketing Styles of 2016 | Anita Lovett & Associates

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