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Character Interview with Cathnor

This character interview was done by Kathryn Jenkins and originally posted at Mama Bear Musings.

Interview with Cathnor from the Shadow Stalker Series

You grew up with Kado, can you tell us what he was like as a child? Was he always this temperamental?

Kado and I have done a role reversal over the years. As a kid, I was the serious one and he was much more laid back. He tended to enjoy adventure, and I was usually the one who would get him out of trouble.

So, in many ways he was much like Auren when he was younger. Do you see a lot of her in him?

They are alike in some ways. Auren is definitely adventurous, but I do think a lot of that was Kado’s doing. He rubbed off on her a bit in that department. He may have become more serious, but his love of adventure never really faded. I think the difference between them is that Kado never had a rebellious streak. He just loved to explore. Auren has a tendency to have issues with authority. She’s actually a lot more like her father.

You said Auren is more like her father, since we have yet to hear much about the wonderful Zain. Can you enlighten us with some details?

Zain is not one you would expect of a leader of the shadow stalkers. He has always been very laid back and tries not to take life too seriously. But when he has to get serious, you don’t want to be on his bad side. He was very good to Kado and I growing up. I don’t think we could have had a better man to raise us and mentor us. There is a mysterious side to him that I don’t even think his wife fully understood. He had a lot of secrets about the shadow world that he would never share. He has a better understanding of why the shadow stalkers were created by the shadow people.

What was it like growing up on the Dark Isle? Did you ever wish for a different life?

I never knew another life. For the shadow stalkers, the Dark Isle is our home. It’s not common for a shadow stalker to live anywhere else. It’s hard growing up on the Dark Isle, and not just because of the intensive training we receive.

The Dark Isle itself is a very dangerous place. Oddly, the plants are more dangerous than the wild animals. Each village is different, but you know everyone and everyone knows you. It’s rare for there to be conflict between shadow stalkers, so the whole village feels like a family. Everyone is always willing to help everyone else.

You learn honesty from a young age as well. Shadow stalkers know when they’re being lied to, so you learn very quickly that deceit will not get you far. So the people on the Dark Isle are much more open and honest with each other than they are in the Serpent Isles. I can’t think of any reason I’d wish for another life.

Did you ever hold resentment towards Kado growing up? What were your feelings towards him?

I was very protective of Kado. It did annoy me at times when I would have to get him out of trouble, but I never felt resentful. I really loved him as a little brother and doted on him from the day Zain brought him home. As we grew, we were always very close.

The way Kado is handling Auren’s training do you approve or disapprove? Why or Why not?

That’s a difficult question. As a rule we do not interfere with how another shadow stalker is training his charge. If they do the wrong thing, it will be the shadow people who interfere, so we do not have any reason to concern ourselves with that. I will admit that I believe his feelings towards Auren may stand in the way of his objectivity. He cares for her more deeply than he will ever show.

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