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Five Foods I Can’t Live Without

I’ve recently discovered I can’t have anything made with wheat or rye (among other things), and there are a lot of things I can’t eat now. Sure, there are gluten free alternatives, but I have to be careful with those as well. Most of them are made with vegetable gums to take the job of the gluten, and I also have a sensitivity to those. My body is just wimpy where food is concerned. But there are just some things I refuse to live without:


Chocolate1Yes, believe it or not some things made with chocolate (including chocolate bars) contain gluten. Fortunately, I love cooking and I will even spent time making my own candy bars when I can. It’s actually a lot of fun and at least I know what ingredients are going into it. When all else fails, I can just reach for the good old fashioned dark chocolate bar. I’ve never seen gluten (or anything else I can’t have) in those.


pizza-stockI absolutely love pizza. Aside from chocolate, it’s my absolute favorite food. Of course, pizza generally has a crust made from wheat. There are tons of alternatives out there using gluten free crusts, but most of them are made from vegetable gums. Lucky for me I found a gluten free bread mix that has no vegetable gums in it at all (and it’s a store brand, and the only one I’ve found…go figure). So I can make my own crust from that and eat pizza to my heart’s content! 😀


spaghetti-alla-bolonoseI’m part Italian and I grew up eating a lot of pasta, but it’s another one of those things that is wheat based. I had tried many different gluten free pastas, but they all had very gritty textures and tasted nothing like real pasta (despite their claims to the contrary). Then we got a free sample of Heinz Gluten Free Pasta, so I decided to try it out. Not only does taste like real pasta, but it has the same texture as well. It’s made with Lupin flour, which is high in protein, and it’s much more filling than regular pasta, so you eat less (a bonus for those who are trying to cut down on simple carbs).

Red Meat

Steaks_9ozI love my red meat, and more than that, I literally can’t live without it. Many years back I tried a vegetarian diet and after developing anemia (despite taking supplements and eating vegetables and other foods containing iron), I learned I can only digest iron from meat. I was told from that point on I need to have red meat at least five times a week. Well I can handle that! Bring on the steak!


cheese assortment on a cutting board

cheese assortment on a cutting board

Yes, I’m a cheesaholic. I love just about every cheese out there (except for the moldy ones because I’m allergic to mold and probably wouldn’t eat it if I wasn’t). I can’t even give you a favorite cheese because I love them all so much, but if I had to pick I’d say mozzarella. After all, it is one of the main ingredients in my favorite food… pizza!



Are there any foods you can’t live without? Share them with me in the comments below!

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