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How to Increase Sales at Apple iBooks | Lindsay Buroker

Before I jump into this post, I have to disclose that Apple is my #4 earner and that while I always sell books there, I’m not a rock star by any means. (For me, sales at Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble always come out ahead.) Buuut, I’ve started to upload directly to Apple, and I plan to put more effort into getting on the radar with iBooks readers in 2016. I chatted with a rep from Apple and got some tips, and I also took notes at a “sell more ebooks at Apple” panel this summer at the RWA con. (The authors hosting it were rock stars on iBooks, with some outselling even the big Amazon kahuna.)

So this post is a summary/best practices from my notes. I hope you’ll find the information helpful. If you’ve found any tricks for improving visibility and sales at Apple, let us know!

First off, why bother?

Despite Apple being my fourth biggest income earner, it’s reputedly the second biggest market out there, so the potential for growth may be much more than at Kobo and B&N.

Also, Apple has global reach. Many of the sales I get there come from countries outside of the U.S.. They (and their iPhones) are all over the place. There are a lot of countries where an e-reader or tablet is too much of a luxury item for the average person go buy, but everyone gets a phone, and the iBooks reader comes pre-loaded on the Apple IOS (Google Play will be another market to watch out for, since they, too, are tied to a phone — I’m starting to get emails from readers who have enjoyed my books on their Androids).

The good news for authors is that in addition to all this sales potential, Apple seems to be making more of an effort these days to promote and sell their iBooks. Beyond adding the iBooks reader to their OS, they’ve been reaching out to more indies and running themed promotions in the various genres. Romance, in particular, seems to get a lot of love there, but there are plenty of self-published authors represented in other genres too.

How do you get on their radar and receive email about the opportunities they’re offering?

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  1. 5 January, 2016    

    iBooks has been very successful for me with regards to free downloads, whether changing to a paid book will stop that. None of the other bookstores have done much for me. Lulu comes second.

    • 6 January, 2016    

      Yeah, it’s my third best for free and second best for paid.

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