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If Granted Three Writing Related Wishes, I’d Wish…

I-Wish-Web-MainI know many writers would wish to be a best-seller or a famous author, but those aren’t the goals I strive for. I wouldn’t complain if I became wealthy, or if I deserved it, a best-seller. But my goals are much more specific than that and would likely lead to those things.

My first wish would be to possess the knowledge I’d need to build my author platform without having to wonder if I’m doing things right or why things that work for other authors aren’t working for me. Building your platform is the hardest part of being an author whether you self-publish or you’re traditionally published. Ironically, it’s the most important. If you don’t build an author platform, you won’t sell books.

My second wish would be to become more effective at self-editing. So far, those who have edited my work haven’t given me much negative feedback, but I spend more time in the editing process before I send my manuscript off to an editor than I do writing. Editing is hard for me, but I’m a perfectionist, and if I don’t love it, I want no one reading it. I’d like to do the same editing work in a much shorter period—at least half the time I take to write would be nice.

My third and final wish would be to not be so afraid of publishing my work. As far as my serial, Shadow Stalker, is concerned, I’ve had a year to get used to it, and it’s not as distressing anymore. I’m still nervous before each new episode is released, but the big fear is gone. Now that I’m delving into writing and publishing my first novels, I’m feeling the niggling fear creep up on me. Part of it is worry over how my readers will like my novels (since they are used to the style of writing in my serials), but a bigger part has to do with whether I can continue to reach my goals and give my readers what they want (for instance, a timely sequel). There are so many other things going on in my life that present obstacles to my writing career, and sometimes I’m concerned those things might interfere in such a way it could cause serious damage to my livelihood or cause my readers to lose faith in me. If I could eliminate those hurdles, or at least find effective ways to work with them, it would take such a weight off my shoulders.

So what about you? If someone granted you three wishes (and they don’t need to be writing related), what would you wish for?

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