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All through June I will be participating in the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writer’s Tour along with fifteen other fantasy authors. I’m really excited. We’ve been working on putting this together for the last several months. It’s been a lot of hard work, so it’s nice to see it all coming together.

This tour is going to be different from anything else I’ve ever done. On the odd days of the month, we will all be posting features about each other. So each odd day, there will be sixteen features, such as excerpts, guest posts, and interviews, being posted on sixteen different blogs. Then on the even days of the month, a couple authors will host on the Tour’s Facebook Page, sharing other fun things. I’ll be sharing something on every even day of the month, including a Shadow Stalker Scavenger Hunt in five parts that I’ll be hosting. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so I hope you will join us!

The lineup for this tour is working a bit differently too, since so many people are involved. I’m going to first list the people I’m going to be hosting, and the second list will be those who are hosting me. As usual, I will be updating links here and on my Events Page as things are posted.

Authors I’m Featuring on Renee Writes

1 June ~ Allison D. Reid – Guest Post by her character Gareth
3 June ~ Lee Dunning – Excerpt from Exile’s Redemption
5 June ~ Joshua Robertson – Melkorka Trailer and Character Interview with Branimir
7 June ~ Debbie Manber Kupfer – Excerpt from Maze of Shadows (P.A.W.S. Book 3)
9 June ~ Charlotte Henley Babb – Character Portrait of K.P. Jones from 20 Hours to Charles Town
11 June ~ C.B. MacGillavry – Guest post written by her character Twang and The Lights of Saint John: A Fairy’s Tale
13 June ~ Jan Marie – Guest Post on Predators and Editors
15 June ~ RJ Mirabal – Author Spotlight
17 June ~ Cheri Schmidt – Audio Excerpt from Fractured
19 June ~ KJ Hawkins – Tarzinea Series Feature: Fumbling Hands
21 June ~ Rebecca Jaycox – Excerpt from The Other Inheritance
23 June ~ Louise Findlay – An Interview with Ameria from A Spy in the Sagax Vampires
25 June ~ Nichole Giles – Excerpt from Water So Deep
27 June ~ Melissa Barker-Simpson & Gina Briganti – Excerpts from Changing Worlds
29 June ~ Ali Cross – Desolation Series Spotlight

My Features on Other Authors’ Blogs

1 June ~ Ali Cross – Spotlight on Demon Hunt and Shadow Stalker
3 June ~ Melissa Barker-Simpson – Excerpt of Shadow Stalker: Episode 8 from Makari’s POV
5 June ~ Nichole Giles – Benefits of Writing a Serial as a New Author
7 June ~ Louise Findlay – Excerpt from Shadow Stalker: The Delohi-Saqu’s Fate (Episode 2)
9 June ~ Rebecca Jaycox – Interview
11 June ~ KJ Hawkins – My Character Building Process
13 June ~ Cheri Schmidt
15 June ~ RJ Mirabal – Excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Episode for and Guest Post about my inspiration for Shadow Stalker
17 June ~ Jan Marie – Author Interview
19 June ~ C.B. MacGillavry – Book Spotlight
21 June ~ Charlotte Henley Babb – Author Interview
23 June ~ Debbie Manber Kupfer –  Shadow Stalker: Destiny Reconciled Part 1 (Episode 5) Excerpt
25 June ~ Joshua Robertson – Excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Destiny Reconciled Part 1 (Episode 5) and Guest Post – My Story planning and Outlining Methods
27 June ~ Lee Dunning – Excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Turning Tides (Episode 9)
29 June ~ Allison D. Reid – Interview and Excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Destiny Reconciled Part 2 (Episode 6)

Hosting Schedule

2 June ~ Renee Scattergood and KJ Hawkins
4 June ~ Cheri Schmidt and Charlotte Henley Babb
6 June ~ RJ Mirabal and Renee Scattergood
8 June ~ Rebecca Jaycox and C.B. MacGillavry
10 June ~ Louise Findlay and Joshua Robertson
12 June ~ Nichole Giles and Cheri Schmidt
14 June ~ Melissa Barker-Simpson and KJ Hawkins
16 June ~ Ali Corss and Jan Marie
18 June ~ Allison D. Reid and Louise Findlay
20 June ~ Lee Dunning and Renee Scattergood
22 June ~ Joshua Robertson and Nichole Giles
24 June ~ Debbie Manber Kupfer, Ali Cross, and RJ Mirabal
26 June ~ Charlotte Henley Babb and Melissa Barker-Simpson
28 June ~ C.B. MacGillavry, Allison D. Reid and Rebecca Jaycox
30 June ~ Jan Marie and Lee Dunning

Don’t forget! If you want to keep up with all the fun, you’ll need to sign up on the Tour’s Facebook Page! Hope to see you there!

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