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Nightmarish Move From Hell

scanner-fear-3-1251133-638x452I think this has had to have been my most stressful move in my history of moving, and the sad part is we only moved right next door!

It started out pretty well. We paid for an extra week at the old place so we can gradually move our stuff over, and we were right on schedule to have everything out and the place cleaned up. Then I got food poisoning from a Chinese place near here. I could barely do anything for days, so we fell behind. On the last day we ended up being there until 3am just trying to get the place cleaned up. It was a nightmare.

Then to make matters worse, our internet company tried telling us they couldn’t connect our internet because there were no available ports. We were simply transferring our account to the new house. We had a port at the old house… so we couldn’t understand what the problem was. After a week of dealing with that, we finally decided to move to a different company, and lo and behold, we have internet… finally!

Now I have so much to catch up on. I’m just glad I thought to schedule the author spotlights well in advance. I only missed one that was due to be published yesterday so I can just get that set up today and I’ll be on track.

Oh, and because it took so long to get the internet reconnected, I had to reschedule the release for Shadow Stalker Part 3. It will now be released on the 14th of December. Sorry for any inconvenience, especially to those who have pre-ordered. I suppose on the plus side, it will be available at the special $1.99 price for longer. It will go to the regular $3.99 price after the release.

Has anyone else ever experienced a nightmarish move? Tell me about it!

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