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Saturday Sneak Peek: Shadow Stalker Episode 16

I’m still trying to get work done on Episode 16. Over the last week I made a ton of changes to the last three episodes of Part 3. So I wanted to share a snippet from one of the newest chapters of Episode 16 that I wrote this week. Hope you enjoy!

Designed by Kathryn Jenkins at Magical Designs

Designed by Kathryn Jenkins at Magical Designs

“Wait, are you saying our emperor has been a shadow stalker all this time?”

I motioned for Makari to take this one.

“He was born a shadow stalker, yes, but when he betrayed his own people he lost his power. He hasn’t had his powers since he took people of the Serpent Isles to the Dark Isle, kidnapping their Foramar and killing many of the shadow stalkers in the process.”

The trooper glanced at Drevin, disgust etched in his features. “I have no love for the shadow stalkers,” he paused. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. You were raised to dislike the shadow stalkers and fear them. It will take a while to change that. Go on,” Makari said.

“Why would anyone betray their own people in such a cruel way?”

“He felt betrayed,” I said when Makari shrugged. “The shadow stalkers live by a very strict code. Part of that is shadow stalkers cannot mate with whoever they want to. Our mates are chosen for us. Drevin’s parents broke the code and mated anyway. As punishment, they were separated and Drevin was taken from his mother soon after his birth. He was taken to my father who was supposed to kill him. He was considered an abomination and a threat to our people.”

“But he was an innocent child,” the trooper said softly.

“That’s why my father refused to kill him. He decided Drevin deserved a chance to be raised in a loving home and become a good shadow stalker. My father put a lot of faith in him, but when Drevin learned about what happened to his parents, he became angry and eventually turned against his own people.”

“We’re his parents harmed?”

“No, they were just forced to live apart from each other and they were never to know their son.”

“And he’s done all this because he was not allowed to be with his parents? He does far worse to his subjects and his reasons for doing it has all been a lie. I have a daughter who…she’s seven and she will be beaten to submission and forced to live her life for the pleasure of men. The thought of what has been done to her sickens me, even now. I wanted to hide her, to keep them from taking her. She was so beautiful, so sweet and innocent. The only way I got through it was I reminded myself over and over it was for her protection. It was…” The trooper stalked to the side of the room and slammed his fist into the wall.

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