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Saturday Sneak Peeks #1

Welcome to my first installment of Saturday Sneak Peeks! I’ve decided instead of posting 2 or 3 sneak peeks throughout the week of stuff I’m working on, it would make more sense to put them all in one place. So here it is.

First up is a sneak peek from my upcoming novella, Makari’s Mission. It’s going to first be featured in a charity bundle to raise money for a cancer treatment center in April 2017. I’m publishing weekly sneak peeks of the novella, hoping to raise interest in the story (of course), but also the bundle.

This sneak peek is from Chapter 13:

I parked the hydrocar around the block from Kado’s house, now glad I had chosen one that didn’t have a Galvadi Insignia on it. The only thing that marked it as a Galvadi vehicle was the radio signal it sent out so others would know he wasn’t one of the enemy, but he had turned it off the moment he left Luten Isle. I shifted onto a rooftop near the house to watch and wait. It wouldn’t be long before they returned. Though I knew Kado wouldn’t stay now, he would have to return Auren’s friends to their families and I had no doubt he’d pack a few things before heading off.

I wasn’t sure how Kado planned to return to Appolia though when his hydrocar sat in front of their home. He must have traveled through the shadow world to get to her. Maybe he would abandon Auren’s friends then and bring the delohi-saqu somewhere else. It was possible he wasn’t planning to return at all. I shifted into the house, looking for any sign that he might not be coming back, but everything was as I found it the first time I’d been in here. No clothes or food had been packed. He wouldn’t be planning to stay on the islands. I knew that for sure, but where would he take her?

Now for a sneak peek from Shadow Stalker Episode 15 Chapter 1:

Everything in my life was crumbling around me. I lost my two best friends in the world. After Jade was captured, Cali had become my best friend and the person I depended on for my sanity, and now she was gone too. The man I loved faced danger living with our enemy on a daily basis, and Kado only seemed interested in adding to my pain. He was never one for affectionate comfort, but he didn’t seem to care at all lately how I was feeling. I hated him. I had to get a hold of myself though. If I kept crying like this he might decide I was too emotionally unstable and I’d never get away to stop the Galvadi once and for all.

In that moment, I was tempted to leave Appolia for good. I could try and convince Makari to leave the Galvadi, and we could go off on our own somewhere while I figured out what to do about Drevin. Of course, he was more likely to side with Kado in his desire to keep me safe, so maybe I’d be better off on my own. I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing one more person I loved. I might finally break and become the person Kado had seen in his vision on the Dark Isle.

I curled into a tighter ball and bit my lip to stifle my sobs as someone entered the alcove. I didn’t have to see who it was to know it was Kado. Maybe if I didn’t attract his attention, he’d leave me alone. No such luck, though. He sat behind me on the floor, a little closer than was comfortable in that moment for two reasons. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, and he brushed against my sore thigh that he’d whipped raw with the switch only moments before. I gasped and resisted the urge to pull away when I felt his hand on my head.

“We need to talk,” he said, softly.

Thanks for reading these sneak peeks! You can read more as I write! Don’t forget to download Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6) free if you haven’t read it yet, and you can also get Part 2 by signing up below!

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