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Shadow Stalker: Destiny Reconciled Part 2 (Episode 6) Blitz

SStalker E6 BookHi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by for the fashionably late release and blitz for Episode 6. Yeah, I know. It wasn’t fashionably late. My brain was fried due to unreasonably hot weather, in which I developed a sudden inability to edit a darn thing. Writing wasn’t going to well either, but now that the weather is sort of cooling down, things are getting back on track.

So we’re gonna have a few things for you today. Several people are doing reviews, which I’m really looking forward to reading (I only get to read them when you do, so it’s a surprise for me as well). I love hearing about what people think of my stories, especially when they like them. 😀 There is also going to be a a couple of guest posts, excerpts and an interview with Dosien, Auren’s uncle.

Before I forget though… two things you should be aware of:

All Episodes of Shadow Stalker are free on Smashwords for the next 24 hours or so, for a special promotion they’re doing. The coupon code for the promotions is RAE50, so you just enter it when you buy to get it free. Also, Demon Hunt is half price. This is only on Smashwords, though.

The other thing is, you only have another 24 hours or less (depending on when you read this) to enter the giveaway to win a personalized and digitally signed copy of the Shadow Stalker Bundle (Episodes 1 – 6) or Episode 6. If you haven’t won anything from me yet, this is your chance!

Here is the lineup for the blitz:

Review by Katie Jenkins on Dragon Knight’s Book Promotions 

A Guest Post: Five Characters I’d Have Dinner With on BHALSOP

A Review by Debra Mauldin and a Character Interview with Dosien on Mama Bear Muses

An Excerpt from Episode 6 on The Quiet Fantasy Book Blog

A Guest Post: My Five Biggest Distractions While Writing at Writing Room 101

A Review by Louise Findlay on Louise Findlay Books

And then of course I will close with some announcements and share an Excerpt from Episode 6 here on Renee Writes

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