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APR15-0323-OPINION-GUESTVIEW-CUSHARDFirst of all, as you can see I’ve made some changes to my site. I like the darker feel… it feels more… me! 😀

Second, I’m going to be putting everything I publish on pre-order three months before the release date from now on. If the release date changes for some reason, I’ll let you know here and in my newsletter.

Right now I have the last two episodes for Part 2 of the Shadow Stalker Serial available for pre-order:

Episode 8 300 dpiShadow Stalker: Escape Part 1 (Episode 11)

Finally, it’s time to put the escape plan into action. Auren is relieved when the security system goes down as Makari promised. On her way to Shai’s cell, she learns the Galvadi suspect she is a shadow stalker, and they are on their way to her cell to test her. When they find it empty, they’ll know she has escaped. Auren is running out of time.

Auren and Shai’s escape doesn’t go as expected, and they have to continually adjust their plans, but they refuse to give up. They are pushed to their limits and Auren’s untried talents are put to the test. If Auren fails, they will both be recaptured, a fate worse than death.

Episode 8 300 dpiShadow Stalker: Escape Part 2 (Episode 12)

Makari meets up with Auren and Shai to give them information the Coalition can use to strengthen their position in the war. In order to protect Auren, Makari decides to stay with the Galvadi, despite Auren’s arguments to the contrary.

While Auren and Shai manage to avoid the Galvadi during their trek to the southern shore on Nadiria, where they are to meet up with Kado, other hurdles stand in their way. Food is scarce, and Auren is seriously wounded and falls ill. When they don’t reach the shore when expected, they begin wondering if they’ve gone the wrong way.

Will they make it before Auren succumbs to her injuries?

For those who haven’t read the serial yet, as always, Episode 1: The Hidden Truth is available as a free download and other episodes are available for purchase in My Books.

I’m really excited about the pre-orders so as a way to share my excitement I’m going to offer everyone a chance to get Episode 10 for free when it’s released at the end of the month. All you have to do is share this post on your social media pages and email me the links. Then as soon as Episode 10 is released I will send you a coupon code to download the book on Smashwords free!

Better yet, if you sign up to my newsletter before the end of June, you’ll also get the Part 1 bundle (Episodes 1 – 6) free as well. So that’s an opportunity to get 7 episodes free! 😀

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