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The Rocking Chair by Debra Mauldin

A friend of mine, Debra Mauldin, has a couple of books out, so I’m helping her this week by helping promote them. The first one, The Rocking Chair, I’ll be telling you about today and I’ll be telling you about Bashful Betsy on the 28th. First, a little about Debra:

HeadshotI am a professional published Author. I write articles, short stories, short story series, novella’s, and coming soon: novels.

I’m an avid reader and love writing book reviews. I believe in author’s helping author’s. Writing has always been a part of my life. My passions are writing fantasy’s, paranormal, and women’s fiction. Most of my writings are geared to middle grade and young adult audiences.

Currently, I live with my loving, supportive husband, and two rat terriers, by a small lake in northeast Alabama. Together, my husband and I have three grown daughters and seven grandchildren; 5 girls and 2 boys. My grandchildren are my world.

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About the Book

Rocking Chair CoverMarissa had faced the loss of her grandmother, mother, and grandfather. She thought she was coping well by throwing herself into her work, but when Marissa started hearing voices and seeing things move, she had to stop and wonder. Was she going insane or was there really an afterlife?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

After eating an apple and a handful of nuts for lunch, Marissa decided to walk down to the graveyard. It was a beautiful spring day, and she wanted to be outside; soaking up some sunshine, while listening to the song birds and looking at all the flowers and the trees. When she arrived at the graveyard she took the time to walk around a bit. First, she visited her Mom’s grave and pulled some weeds that were growing through the gravel placed atop the grave. She talked to her mom while pulling the weeds. Then she walked over to the graves of her grandfather and grandmother. There were no weeds growing atop her grandfather’s grave; it was still new. Her grandmother’s, however, had several weeds and needed new gravel added. Marissa made a mental note to add new gravel to her shopping list. She sat between the two graves, so she could talk to both of them while she pulled the weeds. As she pulled the last of the weeds, Marissa heard her grandmother speak to her.

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