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Weekly Fantasy Fix: Making the Best of a Bad Situation! 😜

Weekly Fantasy Fix

Awww Booo!

Well, I want to thank everyone who emailed me a few weeks back to offer their encouragement. Unfortuntely, while I got quite a bit written, it wasn’t enough to get it all done. That’s okay though. I decided instead of being upset with myself over it, I’m going to make the best of the situation.

When the short story is finished, you, as a subscriber, will get to read it for free. I may or may not release it to the public yet. I’m considering just putting it in an anthology of a few of my short stories later. We’ll see.

Also, since Shadow Stalker Episode 16 is late, it will be available as a free download for the first week after I release it, which should hopefully be within the next week. I’ll send out an announcement so you can get your free download.

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