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Weekly Fantasy Fix: The SECRET to SUCCESS!

Weekly Fantasy Fix

When considering what I have accomplished in my lifetime, the secret to success has not changed. Relationships. The answer does not change when considering how to be successful in an online world of writers. You must be willing to form new, authentic relationships by embedding yourself into a community of writers, readers, and fans. In order to do this, you must escape your introverted world. This should not be too difficult, right? I mean, every story you tell requires a fundamental understanding of relationships. Be genuine. Be professional. Be YOU.

Relationships – whether friendships, partnerships, etc. – will be your ticket to effective networking, improving your craft, and learning about the complicated publishing industry. By supporting what other authors are doing, you will find many are more than willing to support what you are creating too.

The best way to build relationships is by joining a writing community. Some authors find groups in their local area who meet once or twice a month. Others engage in online communities through Goodreads, Facebook, or other social networks. You can learn more about the benefits of writing communities by checking out my video in this newsletter.

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Joshua Robertson

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