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Why I Enjoy Writing in First Person

first-person-300x206Writing in third person is great for when your book has more than one central character and you want your readers to experience the story from several points of view. The problem with it for me is it tends to be impersonal, and I love getting into a character’s head. That’s what writing in first person does.

While I know it’s not the best option for every situation, I will always take advantage of it when I can, especially in short stories and novellas, which are perfect for a single character point of view. That’s partially why I wanted to start my indie writing career with doing the Shadow Stalker episodes. It has allowed me to really get into the main character Auren’s head.

In some ways it’s easier for me to write that way because I can close my eyes and for the moment pretend that I’m her. I can see her world through her eyes and write what I see. It allows me to experience the world in a more tangible way. I can do the same when writing in third person (and I do), but changing character points of view makes it more difficult. After all, each character sees their world a bit differently.

What I really love about writing in first person, though, is the main character can also be the narrator of the story. I can have the character speak as though she is recounting something that had happened to a friend. It means I can use that character’s language and make her personality come through in every aspect of the story, not just the dialogue. It becomes apparent in how she interprets what she sees and her experiences and how she reacts to people and situations.

There are downsides to writing in first person too. You’re only getting one side of the story, for instance. But the best part about that is it leaves an opening to write the same story from another character’s point of view.

Which is your preferred POV to write from?

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  1. 2 October, 2016    

    Interesting read Renee, thank you. I was 7,000 words into a piece – written in third person – and felt it lacked punch. I rewrote the first chapter in first person and thought it improved immediately so I carried on rewriting the story. I love being able to “be” the main character and to see the world through his eyes. My MC is a vengeful spirit hellbent on revenge, so that makes writing in first person even better!

    • 2 October, 2016    

      Yes, it definitely does make a huge impact where you want the story told from the MC’s POV. Third person definitely works best the majority of the times, but some stories need that extra something, and sometimes seeing inside the MC’s head makes all the difference. 😀

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