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WIP Wednesday #6

Works-in-ProgressThe last couple of weeks have been packed with huge amounts of editing. Episode 10 of Shadow Stalker is all finalized and ready for publishing this coming weekend. I’ve also sent Episode 11 off to the editor and I’m finishing up Episode 12 now.

Aside from the editing I’ve been doing the planning for my Makari Novella, which will be published in a bundle in April 2016 and then as a standalone in November 2016. I’ve got pretty much the whole story worked out now. I’ve just got to write the outline now. It’s going to be about Makari’s hunt for Auren up until the attack on Luten Isle. You’ll be surprised how close he comes. 😉

I’m also planning Shadow Stalker Part 3 (Episodes 13 – 18). I’m still working out the scenes and individual episodes for that, but I should be starting the outline on that one soon as well. Part 3 is going to be a fun one to write. We’ll finally be learning what Auren’s true purpose is and the price she will pay to fulfill it.

Both of those will be written during Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I can’t wait to start writing again. All this editing is doing my head in. 😀

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