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Works In Progress

Works in Progress

Shadow Stalker Serial

This serial is a first person account about a young woman named, Auren, who is caught up in a prophecy that says she will enslave the people of her world. It follows her adventure as she discovers who she is, her training as a shadow stalker, and how she overcomes the prophecy.


I release regular episodes of the serial approximately 5k words in length. I’m currently writing Episode 19. You can download Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6) free here.

Release Schedule:

5 April 2017 – Episode 19
3 May 2017 – Episode 20
7 June 2017 – Episode 21
5 July 2017 – Episode 22
2 August 2017 – Episode 23
6 September 2017 – Episode 24

Shadow Stalker Bundles

These bundles will be released in both ebook and print.

22 November 2017: Shadow Stalker Part 4 (Episodes 19 – 24)

Makari’s Mission

A Shadow Stalker prequel novella about Makari’s search for the delohi-saqu. This novella will be released first in a bundle to raise money for charity in April 2017, then again later that year as a stand-alone. I’m currently in the editing process.

A God’s Deception Series

Defender of the Chosen

A new novel series. Description coming soon!

The Four

The Four is about a group of shape-shifters who have formed an organization, called The Four, which fights against others of their kind bent on enslaving mankind. Jaclyn Vance finds herself caught up in their world and the victim of the group’s leader, who decides he wants her for himself.

New Serial

I’ll be starting a new serial at the completion of Shadow Stalker. More info to come!

Short Stories

I’ll be writing and publishing various short stories to be released on a monthly basis (unless there is an anthology I’m writing for on a given month). The following is a tentative schedule for short story releases. More in depth info about the short stories will be added as I write them.

Release Schedule:

15 March 2017
19 April 2017
21 June 2017
19 July 2017
16 August 2017
20 September 2017
18 October 2017
8 November 2017
20 December 2017

Get Shadow Stalker Part 2 Free!

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