Is it worth choosing a car on a subscription

Is it worth choosing a subscription car?

Before we answer the title question, it is worth telling ourselves how cars are most often acquired. In the vast majority, we buy second-hand cars, so we are mainly interested in the secondary market. It’s not surprising, since we have the lowest price there. On the other hand, there is a great risk that you will find a faulty game with defects that were hidden by the former owner. Buying a new car, on the other hand, is a huge cost, where the transaction is unlikely to be profitable. Alternatives in the form of subscription, long-term rental are still gaining supporters, but not everyone is convinced. What about a car subscription?

Preventing and quickly answering doubts, car on a subscription basis It is a profitable option, however, we should also mention a few facts that cause this state of affairs. So what makes auto subscription constantly gaining new clients, and it is even predicted that their number will be multiplied in the coming years?

How the car subscription “buys” new customers?

Everyone dreams, few people can. This is how we can describe the attitude of Poles towards getting new vehicles at car dealerships. This sad fact, however, does not come from nowhere, because such a pleasure costs from a few dozen, to even more than a hundred thousand zlotys. In the case of a car subscription, we also use a new car, but we do not become its owners, so we do not have to pay a one-time, very high cost. Our expenses are limited to monthly rental payments, which additionally include everything we may need to use the car on a daily basis. So we don’t have to worry about e.g. for insurance, servicing or tyre change (everything depends on our offer), as it is taken over by a financing company. Our responsibility is to refuel the car, and to make sure that we do not exceed the mileage limit imposed on us.