Why bet on houses made of modules

Why you should bet on module houses?

Building blocks are becoming more and more common. Although the test is not yet as popular in Poland as it is in the West, this trend is gradually reversing. By the end of 2022, the consulting firm Roland Berger estimates that. the share of prefabricated objects in the Polish market will increase by just under 38% [1]. What are the reasons for interest in such solutions??

One of the advantages of construction created from ready-made components is the lead time. Compared to traditional technologies, a modular building is erected 50% faster on average. In addition, the general contractor spends about a few days on site – depending on the size and type of investment. How it is possible? Well, the vast majority of work is done in a manufacturing plant. Only ready-made elements are brought to the construction site and then assembled with the use of cranes.

Why you should bet on modules?

Modular construction has a number of advantages, but among the most important are the durability and versatility of the building. Among others for these reasons, both individuals and entrepreneurs decide on this option. What makes modular buildings increasingly popular? Here are the arguments for investing in such a solution:

  • Versatility of the construction

Prefabricated houses, hotels, dormitories, sanatoriums, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, libraries, factories, office buildings. The number and size of modules can be tailored to suit individual needs.

  • Easy expandability

When needed, a prefab building can be expanded. At any time you can extend the finished facility with additional floors or rooms. Due to their light weight, prefabs are suitable for installation in hard-to-reach places, such as. On the roof or patio.

  • Durability

The modules used to erect the structures are manufactured under strictly defined and repeatable conditions. Cross-sections of individual elements are selected on the basis of precise static calculations. This makes prefabricated buildings a long-term investment.

  • Excellent thermal insulation

The buildings have excellent thermal insulation, which contributes to low operating costs. The floor profiles are filled with a special PU foam, and the ventilated fa├žade has no thermal bridges.

Convince yourself that it is worth choosing modules!

Modular buildings are increasingly seen as a great alternative to traditional buildings. The buildings meet the standards of the Building Law and have all necessary installations. They are aesthetically pleasing and functionally similar to traditional solutions.