German courses for various age groups

German language course for different age groups

Many parents wonder at what age their children should start a German course. It is well known that learning a foreign language at a very early stage in life is very desirable and gives the young person numerous opportunities, not only in terms of efficient international communication, but also in terms of access to foreign universities or the open wide job market.

German language course for toddlers

First The German language course can be started by children of preschool age. For the youngest children it is very important to encourage learning through play and to use many learning aids that engage all the senses. Learning should therefore be interesting and carried out in a very cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Children listen to lecturers speaking in German and try to imitate them, learn songs and rhymes and get to know German culture and traditions.

German language course for older children

Older children learn German through listening comprehension and practicing correct pronunciation. With these children, it is possible to use movement games, artwork or language games during the course. At a later stage, toddlers can use their first textbook and learn about the written and read word. They are increasingly independent and extremely willing to learn, provided that they are properly encouraged and rewarded.

German courses for young people

To teach German course for teenagers with very good effect, first of all, it is necessary to choose an appropriate topic, which will interest young people and create opportunities for discussion and exchange of peeps. In addition, creating a friendly atmosphere during classes translates into their much better effectiveness. At this stage, knowledge of the grammar of the language is already so high that it is usually no longer the aim of learning, but rather a tool for effective communication. During the course it is advisable to use various multimedia means, including films and songs, as well as various forms of teaching. The children are becoming more and more independent and eager to learn, provided they are properly encouraged and rewarded.

This article was written in cooperation with the specialists at the STRUCTURE German Language School.