Category C E driver’s license course

C+E driver’s license course

The course of driving license category C+E is directed to candidates wishing to become a driver of a truck (up to 3.5 tons) with a trailer.

If you want to become a driver of a truck with a trailer, you need to do a combined driving course for category C+E.

Requirements: 21 years of age or older and driver’s license category C, or 18 years of age for those with an initial qualification. When you obtain a category C+E licence, you simultaneously obtain a category B+E licence. To start the C+E driving course you need to have a C+E license.

Category C and category C + E at the same time!

If you want to quickly start driving a truck with a trailer, do a combined course of driving license cat. C and C+E.

There is an option to gain both C and C+E category qualifications at the same time. An indispensable condition to take advantage of this opportunity – parallel course in both categories of driving license is to obtain a PKK number in the above-mentioned range.

The ability to obtain two categories at once diminishes the time it takes to achieve professional, trailer truck driver certification.

The driving license category B+E grants permission to drive a vehicle consisting of a car as defined in category B (dmc up to 3.5 tons) and a trailer whose actual total weight does not exceed the real total weight of the towing vehicle. Theoretically accepts to drive a set of vehicles weighing up to 7000 kg, in the situation of pulling a trailer equipped with a brake activated from the driver’s seat.

How to become a professional driver?

To become a professional driver, you need to obtain a category C+E driver’s license. C (to drive trucks over 3.5 tons), but you can apply for it if you already have a driving license cat. B. Some people decide to get a CAT right away. C+E (then it is allowed to drive a truck with a trailer or semi-trailer).

When you already have this type of authorization, it is not yet fully possible to be a professional driver. To be a professional driver, you must undergo adequate training – this is an initial qualification or an accelerated initial qualification (in addition, that every five years the professional driver is required to renew the authorization received, that is, undergo periodic courses). You also need to pass a psychological examination and an appropriate medical examination.

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