Interesting facts about different topics

Interesting facts about different topics

When was the Avenue of the Stars opened in Hollywood, how much does a seat in the world’s most expensive cemetery cost, where did the word shower come from? These and other interesting facts in our surprising overview.

Interesting facts: squirrels, toadstools and chestnuts

1) Mushrooms are dried not only by humans but also by squirrels. They bring mushrooms to their hollow or nest or hang them from tree branches. When mushrooms are dry enough, squirrels eat them with relish.

2) We usually root a toadstool as a mushroom with a red cap and white dots. Meanwhile, many toadstools have completely different colors and are no less dangerous to our health. What’s more, the deadly poisonous toadstool even has a pleasant aroma.

3) Many of us like to collect the brown chestnuts that have fallen from chestnut trees in the fall. There are also edible chestnuts and this is by no means a Polish culinary novelty. Chestnuts were already prepared for meals in the 17th century.

Interesting facts: Cemeteries and an unusual stadium

4) Some human burial sites are very expensive. A place in the Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, costs $320,000. USD. You have to pay even more, up to half a million USD, for a place in the Nirvana Memorial Garden cemetery in Singapore.

5) In the village Nieciecza (Malopolska province) lives a little over 700 people. There is an impressive football stadium that can hold 6.5 times more fans in the stands than there are residents in Nieciecza. The silhouette of the Bruk-Bet Termalica team stadium can be seen far beyond the village.

Interesting facts: mosquito, shower and Hollywood

6) The word shower comes from Vincentz Priessnitz (1799-1851). For many years he used water therapies and water healing in the Czech Republic in Lázně Jeseník. He was called the Water Doctor.

7) The mosquito lives only a few weeks. Unfortunately long enough to upset a lot of people!

8) The official opening of the Avenue of the Stars in Hollywood took place on February 8, 1960. The first 8 stars were installed. Currently there are more than 2600 of them.