How to improve your English before high school graduation

How to improve your English before high school graduation?

English is the most popular subject in high school graduation. It has been very popular for many years. No wonder – many universities and colleges take its results into account during the recruitment process. However, if you want to get a satisfactory grade, it is worth starting the preparation and repetition of the material much earlier. How to effectively improve your English before matriculation? Check out.

Bet on regularity

Whether a student wants to pass the English or Polish Baccalaureate, it is important to spread the learning over several months before the exam day. Preparations should not only include school repetitions – it is important to take care of the daily implementation of the material. – “Just by taking a little time each day to review the material, you will have significantly improved your knowledge after just a few weeks – explains an expert from Bradbury English School.

During the day it is worthwhile not only to learn new vocabulary and repeat the troublesome ones. Attention should be paid to the acquisition and repetition of grammar, but also to the performance of small tests to check the knowledge acquired in previous repetitions. This is the key, because frequent contact with a foreign language not only helps to improve fluency, but above all to become accustomed to it, and consequently has a positive impact on exam results.

Talk and write

It is important not only to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The ability to write and formulate statements also plays a key role. If you want to improve your language skills in this area, you should not only regularly read books written in English, but also all kinds of sample essays. This solution is often used during intensive English courses preparing for the matura exam.

In the primary school leaving certificate exams it is quite common to write a formal or informal letter, but also a review or a dissertation. It is worth practicing these texts. This method allows to acquire previously learnt phrases, to use them in practice, but also to apply appropriate grammatical constructions. It may also be helpful to use guided conversation templates or to learn ready-made phrases, which are the basis for verbal instructions e.g. describing the picture.

However, it should be remembered that each time the method of preparing for the secondary school exam should be adjusted to the individual predispositions of a student, his/her level of knowledge, deficiencies and the most effective ways of learning.