Psychological counselling centres – help for children, teenagers and adults

Psychological counselling centres – help for children, adolescents and adults

Anyone can apply to the psychological counselling centre, regardless of age. When help is needed for a child or teenager, but also for an adult, a psychologist can provide comprehensive support.

A visit to a psychologist may be the best choice when there are problems affecting the psyche. Today, psychological services can be used in many places – also in private psychological clinics, but insured people can also go to a psychologist at the National Health Fund.

When it’s a good idea to go to a psychologist with your child or teenager?

It is often a good idea to go to a psychologist with a child or teenager when there are problems that require proper support that the parent can no longer handle alone.

Among the indications to visit are:

significant educational difficulties

refusal to learn, neglecting school duties

Stress experienced by the child

permanent deterioration

A good psychologist can talk to the patient in this case, and also make a psychological diagnosis. Then they can suggest appropriate methods of treatment, for example individual or group psychotherapy.

What psychological services are available for adults?

Psychological help is also offered for adults. You should not be ashamed of the need and use of psychological services – it is often the best option when dealing with problems on your own. Adults use psychological services in a variety of situations, including after traumatic experiences, loss of an important person, with experiences that had a negative impact on their psyche, for example, from childhood. Also, this type of help is chosen by people who experience bullying at work, can not create a stable, happy relationship, experience significant stress, have neurosis.

Which psychologist is worth going to?

Today, the services of psychologists can be used in many different offices and clinics – not only on the National Health Fund, but also privately. Many people opt for private help, because you can then get to a specialist in a short time and additionally use his help according to individual needs, which in the case of the National Health Fund is limited. If you are looking for a good psychological counselling Poznan offers a wide range of addresses where you can receive professional support from experienced psychologists. You can check out the current services on the internet. On the Internet you can also read reviews of psychologists to help you find the one whose help will be at the highest level.

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