Learning English via Skype – how new media are helping us to learn English

Learning English via Skype – how new media are helping us to learn English?

The development of technology creates new solutions in terms of working and learning methodologies. Instant messengers not only facilitate interpersonal communication, but also allow for the development of different methods of language teaching.

Learning languages through various apps or instant messengers is now an increasingly popular form of learning. With the spread of modern technology and wide access to the Internet, the number of participants in online classes is increasing and the courses are being used by a wider and more diverse group of people. Language schools that are able to offer language courses via the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. But what are the advantages of learning a language English via Skype? It is now a very popular form of learning, often more effective than traditional face-to-face classes. Such lessons are characterized by flexibility, no need to travel, and the comfort of learning at home.

Learning from anywhere

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by online learning no matter where you are, you have the opportunity to start learning English via Skype. Willingness to learn is enough! This means that you can improve your language skills while travelling, at home or even on vacation. In practice it means that you can be in a place of your own choice (different each time if you want) and the only thing that limits you is the time you can devote to your lessons. It is worth noting that this form of teaching makes it easier to find this time in your schedule.

Flexible class times

If your lifestyle is very dynamic and you find it difficult to reconcile most of your daily activities and responsibilities with the timetabled courses, Skype lessons can be a solution. If you decide on this form of learning, you can choose the time of your lessons which is convenient for you. In practice this means that you can learn such useful languages as English via Skype in your free time or in between jobs, such as during a business trip by train.

Saving time

When you take on the challenge of acquiring a new skill: for example, training in a language such as English via Skype, you don’t waste time commuting. You don’t have to plan ahead and try to make time for your on-site classes at a certain time. It is worth mentioning that by choosing to learn English via Skype you don’t waste time in traffic jams. The only preparation for the lesson that is necessary is to learn the material and be willing. It is worth mentioning that this form of teaching is more zero-waste than the traditional one, because when learning English via Skype, you do not have to commute and therefore you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Individualized approach

When you begin to learn the language of English via Skype, you can decide on everything, because not only the time of classes is adapted to you, but also their program. Direct contact with the teacher and the fact that at any given time you are the only student, means that the curriculum can be adapted to your needs. To sum up, all this means that the timetable is arranged according to your preferences and you communicate in which areas (writing, speaking, listening, specialist vocabulary etc) you want to learn.) what you care most about is that your teacher can arrange the optimal set of tasks for you. As already mentioned, during English lessons via Skype you are the only student, so your teacher gives you 100% attention during the class. In case of one-to-one learning, there are also no problems resulting from stage fright caused by the need to speak in a larger group.

Live classes

When learning English via Skype it is possible to interact directly with your teacher, which means that thanks to the possibilities offered by learning English via Skype your teacher can be thousands of kilometers away from you and you can not only hear but also see him/her during the lessons. You can be in the location of your choice (a different one each time, if you wish) and still get the class right face to face. Your teacher has an opportunity to correct your pronunciation and help you work on getting the right accent. If there are any doubts, it is possible to resolve them immediately. You can ask at any time about issues you don’t understand in order to confirm or consolidate new information. In addition, this form of learning helps to correct mistakes immediately and to explain the ins and outs of the language.

In conclusion, learning a language like English via Skype is a very effective and convenient solution. This form of teaching is much more convenient than traditional language courses. At the same time, learning English via Skype is completely different from the usual e-learning, as you have direct contact with your teacher and the lessons are tailored specifically to your needs.

This means that when it comes to learning English via Skype we are dealing with a modern form of acquiring knowledge – conveniently, anywhere in the world, but maintaining constant, close contact with the teacher, which allows the learning to become more effective and bring satisfaction. And most importantly, courses such as English via Skype are available to everyone, no matter where they are.