Hygiene of intimate parts

Hygiene of intimate parts

The intimate area of every woman is a unique ecosystem inhabited by over 100 species of microorganisms. These include lactobacilli, whose metabolic product, lactic acid, protects the vaginal environment from pathogens by giving it an acidic pH (<4,5).

A number of factors, including good intimate hygiene, can disrupt the balance of the vaginal microflora and threaten women’s health. Thus, proper care for the most delicate part of the body should be taken very seriously. Intimate hygiene is important.

Some simple tips.

Let’s wear cotton underwear.

Cotton is a breathable material and absorbs moisture, so if you want to keep your intimate space fresh, try to always choose cotton underwear. However, we can still choose lace or silk, because in the crotch there is often a strip of cotton fabric, which has a significant coefficient of breathability (it is the ability to let through, perhaps not so much as sweat, as steam, moisture secreted by our body through the material). However, these materials can be uncomfortable because they don’t stretch as well and this can restrict airflow.

Stay dry.

It is important that your intimate area skin is clean and dry. For example, after swimming or playing sports, immediately take off your wet swimsuits and workout clothes. Feminine care starts with keeping yourself dry, free of bacteria and chemicals.

After bathing, use a soft cotton towel to dry your sensitive parts. Keep your towel dry and change it every 3-4 days.

Never use regular soaps and shower gels to clean your intimate area. They are not designed to maintain the acid-base balance of the vaginal environment, and thus reduce the population of lactic acid bacteria, which protect them from harmful germs. In contrast, specialized cleansing products contain lactic acid and other active ingredients that support the vagina’s natural defenses against inflammation and infection.

Use an intimate gel at least once a day, and even more often during menstruation or pregnancy, and do it several times a day.

Intimate hygiene gels.

Specialist hygiene gels are mainly aimed at people who want to keep their intimate body parts clean on a daily basis. Soothing intimate hygiene gel with chamomile, clary sage or tea provides comfort in areas particularly prone to various types of irritation. Products are soap-free, so they retain their natural pH.