Quality, comfort and safety – count on the watercraft market leader

Quality, comfort and safety – bet on the watercraft market leader

An exciting, adrenaline-filled trip with friends or a relaxing family outing? The Sea-Doo brand offers everything you expect from a watercraft and much more!

Watercraft – choose innovative solutions

For more than 25 years, the Sea-Doo brand has been the undisputed leader in the watercraft market, guaranteeing its customers absolute satisfaction, high quality craftsmanship, precision and cutting-edge technology that not only significantly increases safety, but also enjoyment.

The high performance combined with the T3-R hull with Shark Gill design offers much better airflow under the water surface and guarantees outstanding precision, stability and full control, making the boat easy to drive in all conditions and at all speeds, even in big waves.

Also noteworthy are the Rotax engines, which for many years have set the highest standards in the industry. Unmatched performance, fuel economy and reliability make Sea-Doo Jetskis the most economical and easiest choice for years of exceptional fun.

Each boat is also a guarantee of the highest quality workmanship and resistant to damage materials. The Polytec Gen 2 hull is extremely resistant to scratches and damage, so you can enjoy your model looking great for years to come. And its repair is easy and relatively inexpensive.

Great fun for you and your loved ones – choose Sea-Doo water scooters.

Looking for an interesting idea for an active weekend? A reliable jet ski is the perfect way to break the boredom! Models such as GTI and others guarantee fun for the whole family. With three reinforced seats and an extremely stable platform, you have superior control and safety, regardless of weather conditions or wave size.

Another great advantage of Sea-Doo watercraft is the continuous development of the offered models and adapting them to the growing needs and expectations of customers. With roomy and functional storage compartments, you can accommodate all the travel gear you need to make a long trip more enjoyable. And with the absolutely secure additional LinQ mounting system you have even more room.

Thirsty for the thrill of your own music? Sea-Doo offers the first fully waterproof BRP audio system on the market. So you can enjoy your favorite playlists in any situation and under any conditions.