Systematic coaching – what it is

Systemic coaching – what is it??

Each of us recognizes that working life usually takes place in terms of organization and the many systems in which we function. The systemic approach in coaching enables us to recognize the whole spectrum of dependencies in which we actually function, and also allows us to grasp the complexity of systemic factors that influence the functioning of an individual in an organization and beyond. So what is systemic coaching?

Systems Coaching

First of all, a systemic approach to coaching will enable profound changes, which are to bring an individual closer to a change towards personal, as well as relational and organizational balance. Some problems in the company, must be solved at the level of individuals, but often also require systemic intervention to introduce more dynamism and efficiency. Companies are created by employees who are simultaneously a system based on a shared systemic subconscious. To this end, systemic coaching is designed to create settings, as well as access multiple levels into what a given system connects and binds. It is an instrument which can at the same time point out new directions of development in a given company, as well as discover new resources. Systemic coaching is largely based on the creation of a kind of moving map, which is the basis with which the client comes to the coach’s office. Moving maps help to make systemic influences visible, as well as to recognize them and find the most optimal way to develop and bring harmony.

Where systemic coaching is used?

It turns out that systems coaching is applicable in two main areas: