Samsung smartphones – what to do in case of defects

Samsung smartphones – what to do in case of defects?

Samsung is a recognized brand in the smartphone market for years. In 2020, it was still the leader of the Polish market – as many as 21.9% of users had a device from the Korean manufacturer.

No wonder, because they are characterized by solid workmanship, long life, quality and at the same time attractive price compared to the direct competition, i.e. Apple. However, not everything is perfect and faults will come even in Samsung flagships. What most often breaks and how to remedy it?

Moisture and water are not good for the phone

It is not a very revealing statement, but still a large part of reported defects is caused by contact of the phone with water or moisture. In the case of water, sometimes it only takes a few seconds for smartphone components to be flooded and damaged. Although Samsung also produces modern smartphones, such as the flagship S10, which are IP68 certified. This means that the phone is virtually watertight and damage can occur if it is underwater for an extended period of time.

However, for any of the smartphone’s contact with water, quick response time is important. Dry the phone with paper towels (do not use a hair dryer, oven or microwave)!). If it is possible, after turning off the phone, remove the battery together with memory cards and SIM cards as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most new Samsung smartphones do not allow you to remove the flap and battery. It remains to choose a nearby Samsung service center to fix the water damage done.

Cracked glass and the back of the phone

The known problem of every smartphone user. Although Samsung uses Gorilla Glass in their devices, accidents (and falls) do happen, often resulting in a cracked screen. Most often it is not the damage of the screen itself, but digitizer, i.e. coating and touch panel. In the newer devices from Samsung, glass is also covered with the back of the phone, the “flaps” of the device. They too can be cracked.

In this case, you should not attempt to replace the glass yourself. It is a complicated process that requires precision equipment. It is best to refer the phone to the service – Samsung is such a popular brand, that the fault will be repaired not only by the authorized repair shop. The price of glass replacement depends on the phone model – from 100 PLN to even 1500 PLN.