The Charm of the Engagement Ring

The enchantment of an engagement ring

These three bullions are considered the most precious in jewelry. Gold has always been desired by everyone, and together with silver it is even used in cosmetology. Today, jewelry stores even offer brass and stainless steel products.

Gold, silver or platinum?

One of the most important types of jewelry in the life of every couple is an engagement ring. Once compulsorily chosen by the man himself, in strict secrecy from his chosen one. Nowadays this tradition is changing more and more. It is notIt is also said that an engagement ring must be gold with a diamond ring. Such a ring will be relatively expensive and simply not everyone can afford to buy it. So the question arises whether silver engagement rings are a good choice? But by all means. Our jewelry store offers truly unique models, which you will see on sadva pages.en.

Modern couples choose together

In the past, an engagement ring was always a surprise – the man chose it himself or with the help of a salesperson in a jewelry store. Nowadays many couples choose it together and it is nothing unusual.

Beautiful, both classic and more modern, silver engagement rings can be found on the pages of our online jewelry store SADVA. It is interesting that the most precious stones such as diamonds are not set in silver. That doesn’t mean that a high quality sterling silver ring with zirconia won’t be just as beautiful.

SADVA offers jewelry made of high quality sterling silver with an extremely wide range of sizes – from 6 up to 30. So we can choose a ring to fit every finger.

If we think that silver is not enough for our chosen one, we can always choose one of those plated with platinum or gold which will significantly increase its aesthetic and quality values.

Among engagement rings, the classic design is the one with a thin ring and a small stone. The most popular are zircons, which in the light gain a wonderful shine. We can choose between stones in many colors. A sapphire zirconia surrounded by smaller, colourless stones is a beautiful combination. The mystic topaz surrounded by colourless zircons on a silver rhodium plated ring looks extremely noble.

But no matter what ring you choose, the most important thing about getting engaged is that the man who gives you this special piece of jewelry and the woman who receives it plan to spend their lives together.