Angel Michael – Assertive

Angel Michael – Assertive

Angel Michael is a short therapeutic story for children aged 8 and over. Due to the small number of signs it can be successfully used for self-reading. The young reader will learn here a very important concept, which is assertiveness and maybe from now on will start to pay much more attention to it. She also learns that being assertive can be easily learned by working on yourself.

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Angel Michael is a short therapeutic story for children from 8 years of age. Due to the small number of characters, it can be successfully used for independent reading. The young reader will learn here a very important concept, which is assertiveness, and perhaps from now on will start to pay much more attention to it. He also learns that being assertive can be easily learned by working on yourself. For this very purpose Angel Michael, our title character, presented Stasi Konieczny, his protégé, with an extremely simple and very helpful example to practice every day – how to refuse in a polite way. How the story came into being:- Well. The story Angel Michael was written quite by accident and in close cooperation with the then eight-year-old daughter of the author. “My daughter, at that time, just like the hero of my story Stasio Konieczny, was herself struggling with the lack of assertiveness. I remember being impressed by the fact that as an eight-year-old girl she saw a problem in herself and wanted to change it by asking her father for advice.”. As we all know, problems which for adults are trivial and not very complicated usually look completely different in children’s eyes. They lack the experience that we parents have gained over the years, which also makes them a big iceberg. Every problem is like a fear. And we all know the saying. Fear has big eyes. “I realized that since my daughter is asking me for help and advice, the situation she is in is very serious. So I approached the issue carefully and tactfully, my children’s problems are also my. I felt embarrassed and thought long and hard about how I could help her. At the beginning I told Alice a similar situation from my life at school. A story about a stalker who, quite by accident, I got along well with. I wanted her to know that what is happening in her life is completely normal and human and something similar can happen to anyone. I also confided in him about the anxiety I felt at the time and the surge of self-confidence once I got over the problem.”. The story Angel Michael written spontaneously and literally in the meantime. Well, while the author was working with his daughter to change her point of view and way of thinking, he started writing a story. “Working on Angel Michael gave me respite and a lot of joy, and the change of subject a total rest from writing fairy tales. A rest constructive and with a message, which I badly needed at the time. I can’t imagine the short story pt. Angel Michael without cooperation with Mrs. Izabela Madea”. Mrs Izabela Madeja is a wonderful illustrator. She has a master’s degree in cultural studies and graduated from the Arts High School at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Conducts art classes for children and youth, deals with visual design. She has already illustrated nearly 30 books for children. In the story illustrations of Mrs. Izabela Madea play a huge role, it is 50% of its success. They enrich the reader’s imagination, emphasize the importance of the title character and, at the same time, of the background character by telling what is hidden between the lines. Overall, the story Angel Michael is our joint work with a positive message.

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