The Piast Dynasty – a history lesson

The Piast Dynasty – a history lesson

The test compendium concerns the most important events that took place during the reign of the Piast dynasty. Remember the names of Poland’s rulers, the most important dates and get ready for your history test or exam.

The compendium contains information about the most important events which took place during the reign of the Piast dynasty. Recall the names of the rulers of Poland, the most important dates and prepare for a test or download in history (gymnasium, high school).

At the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. two relatively strong organizations, the Vistula and Polanian states, were formed on Polish territory. The Polanian state was a stronger and more durable organism. It is from them that the then emerging state was named Poland. The first ruler of Poland was Mieszko I, whose greatest achievement was the baptism of Poland. The first ruler to be crowned was Boleslaw the Brave. Mieszko II took over a large part of Poland and after his death the Polish state disintegrated. During the reign of Casimir the Restorer, the organization of the Church was rebuilt and state power was strengthened. During the reign of Wladyslaw Herman a regional division of Poland took place. Boleslaw the Wrymouthed fought a civil war with his brother for power. The reign of Ladislaus the Short was not an easy one, the country was in a difficult internal situation. During the reign of Casimir the Great the economic development of the Polish state began, the University of Krakow was founded.

Discussion of one issue contained in the wall:

Boleslaw the Bold, son of Casimir the Restorer, followed in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, whose name he bore (Boleslaw the Brave). He made two expeditions to Kiev. He introduced the Hungarian prince Wladyslaw, who grew up in Poland, to the Hungarian throne. Boleslaus also tried to throw off the dependence on the emperor, whom his father Odnowiciel recognized. Boleslaus the Bold went down in history not only as a victorious leader, but also as a steward of the country. During his reign, silver coinage began to be minted in Poland, and the economy and trade developed. The struggle for investiture between Pope Gregory XII and German emperor