Which wood router to choose

Which wood router to choose

Working on wood requires appropriate tools, among which a very important place is occupied by the milling machine.

A lot depends on the quality of the equipment, i.e. its parameters and materials used for the casing. It is not only about the result, but also about saving time and many other individual aspects.

Take a look at the specifications and choose the best parameters

The wood router is a clever and practical device, with which you can perform a number of valuable jobs. If you choose the right cutter, template or stencil, you can make whatever you want out of wood, and the results will be excellent. You can profile edges, make holes or various connections. But for this to work very well, you need to choose the right equipment that meets all your expectations. Take a look at the offer of the company’s store, which has a large selection of this type of equipment, for example. http://seger.en/. See how many solutions you have and closely match the router to your needs.

So what to look for when buying? The power of the device is very important. The quality of your work will depend on whether your wood router has the right power for the job. You will not always need a device with a powerful engine. Light household tasks can be done with a simple, handy and less powerful router. It can be as low as 800 W to make the work pleasant and without any operational problems.

On the other hand, for heavier work it is better to use a milling machine with high power, even up to 2400 W. This type of equipment is mounted under the table, so there are no worries about its heavy weight. This is a milling machine for advanced people, because using it unskillfully becomes dangerous. It has a much faster speed and with its help you can process different types of wood, especially very hard ones. A universal woodworking machine can be as powerful as 1250 W. With its help you can cut shapes, grooves and make a very good profile on the wood.

Types of milling machines – how to choose the best one?

In addition to the low spindle moulder mentioned above, you can also buy a upperspindle moulder. They are much safer and equally professional. They are used by amateurs as well as professional woodworkers. You may also encounter another division of milling machines: into table-top and handheld. The former are found in every carpenter’s shop, while the latter are lighter, mobile and very handy.

If you need simple and practical equipment for less advanced work, then choose a cordless milling machine. The power of its batteries is enough for small finishing works. The engine-driven milling machine, on the other hand, is designed for heavy woodworking and specialized tasks.

When buying a milling machine, also pay attention to the design of the cutter, depth of cut, approach speeds, repeatability of positioning, number of passes and feeds. Choose the right weight of the device so that its operation is not hindered.